The Volo leather slim wallet, nicknamed the Non Wallet II, is an elegant and classy looking wallet that is crafted by hand. Designed and created by Jon Lee, the wallet is an update of Jon’s original wallet that was successfully crowdsourced back in 2015. Jon has taken all the feedback he has received from his original creation as inspiration for his new Volo wallet.

We don’t often come across minimalist tri-fold wallets. The main reason for this is that the multiple folds add to the overall thickness because the more layers a wallet has, the bulkier it gets plus the stored cash in a tri-fold wallet is tri-folded as well. However, a tri-fold wallet has a slimmer profile compared to a bi-fold wallet and is able to fit in a slimmer pocket like a front shirt pocket for example.

It is not easy to balance between the wallet thickness and its slim profile on a tri-fold wallet but the Volo seems to have managed to strike this balance beautifully. To cut down on bulk, the Volo uses flaps instead of slots or pockets to store your cash. This helps reduce the bulk especially at the areas where the wallet folds. Less bulk at the folds also makes it easier to fold the flaps and keep the wallet closed.

The original Volo wallet had an elastic strap to help keep the wallet closed. While effective, it is not easy to strap on the elastic especially if you need to do it single handedly. The new Volo wallet replaced the strap with a couple of magnets mounted on the outer flaps. With this new improvement, you can easily close the wallet and keep it closed with just a simple flick of your fingers.

Those who are familiar with our reviews will no doubt know that we are kind of partial to pull tabs for extracting cards from storage. The Volo wallet now has one of that too. Located at the back of the wallet is a card slot that comes with a pull tab. To extract your cards, just give the pull tab a gentle pull.

You can put in up to 10 cards into the card slot but that will require stretching out the leather a bit. However, the caveat here is that once the leather gets stretched out, the pocket will get loose. If you store lesser cards, the cards may fall out of the stretched pocket. Our advice is to keep it to 6 cards or less unless you plan to carry a lot of cards with you all the time.

Last but not least, the Volo Non Wallet II comes with a 3 year limited warranty that covers all defects in material and workmanship. Check out the new Volo Kickstarter campaign page to find out more about this great tri-fold slim wallet and how you can get your hands on one.

Where to Buy Volo - The Non Wallet II

Volo - The Non Wallet II

The Volo Non-Wallet II is a Simple yet Beautiful Handmade Wallet. Everyday life is getting complicated day by day, we made the non-wallet series to make ours simpler and hope that it will help you simplify yours as well.

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