Minimalist wallets are not magical bags (or wallets) of holding that make items that you store inside them vanish into thin air. However, many slim wallets are so well designed, it is really hard to believe that no magic is somehow involved in the wallet staying impossibly thin while stuffed with all your cards, cash and other knick knacks. The Tyni Wallet is one such seemingly magical wallet. The photo below shows 2 wallets with the same contents – 5 cards and 10 bills. Hard to believe isn’t it?

The Tyni Wallet is yet another product of a successful Kickstarter campaign (original campaign page here) launched by designer Zhi Teng. The campaign raised more than 11 times its original goal back in August 2014. For those who missed out on the campaign, you can now purchase the Tyni Wallet directly from Teng & Co.

Tyni Wallet

The Tyni Wallet is designed to be modern and elegant wallet made from premium Nappa leather that super slim and secure and yet able to hold lots of cash and cards. The actual design of the wallet itself is rather simple. Firstly, there is a cash slot in the middle of the wallet. Your other stuff like notes and receipts can go in here as well.

This cash slot is opened on both ends making it easy to push in a wad of cash from either side and to push it out when needed. The slot is also wide enough to store notes with just a single fold, a simple feature that is critical in keeping the bulk down.

Secondly, there is a horizontal slanted pocket on one side of of the wallet. The slanted pocket design allows for quick access to the stored card which makes it ideal for storing your frequent use card. On the other side of the wallet are 2 additional vertical pockets. The lower pocket is suitable for another quick access card like your ID. The other pocket is where all your remaining cards go. You can easily store about 5 cards giving you a total of 7 cards.

Update (29 Aug 2016)

Due to popular demand, Zhi Teng has updated the Tyni Wallet to include RFID protection. Everything else remains the same. However if you prefer the wallet without RFID protection, the original version without it is still available. The choice is yours.

The new version of the Tyni Wallet is currently available as a new Kickstarter campaign. Pledge now for either version and you should be able to get it by Nov 2016, just in time for Christmas!

Where to Buy Tyni Wallet

Tyni Wallet

The Tyni Wallet is designed with pockets to meet everyday needs, while maintaining the appearance and quality of a high end wallet.

Buy from Teng & Co.

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