Wallets made from metal especially aluminum is quite common for minimalist wallets. Wallets made from titanium is not as common but we have come across a couple as well. But an actual metal wallet with mechanical parts? That is new for us. The ORION ONE Mechanical Minimalist Wallet wouldn’t look that much out of place as a part from a futuristic machine or a prop from a sci-fi movie. The polished aluminum version is even all bright and shiny.

Needless to say, this wallet is going to turn some heads. Many probably wouldn’t recognize it as a wallet. Functionally, the ORION ONE Mechanical Minimalist Wallet is a metal plate wallet whereby 2 metal plates are used to hold your wallet content like cards and cash. What gives the wallet its futuristic look are the unique suspension inspired linkage arms at both ends of the wallet.

These mechanical arms provides the clamping force that holds the 2 plates together and makes sure the wallet contents do not fall out. Usually, this clamping force is provided by the use of elastic bands. However the problem with elastic bands is that they tend to lose their elasticity over time and sometimes they also break.

A snapped band means that the plate wallet literally falls into pieces until you get the band replaced. The ORION ONE Mechanical Minimalist Wallet does use o-rings to provide additional clamping force but a broken o-ring does not cause the wallet to fall apart and the wallet can still function to a certain degree. In addition, there is an option to upgrade the aluminum linkage arms with arms made from titanium for added security and peace of mind.

At 100mm long x 60mm wide x 9mm thick, the ORION ONE Mechanical Minimalist Wallet is bigger and thicker than the standard plate wallet. Part of the reason for this is the use of the linkage arms that adds to overall length and the additional plate thickness is required for mounting the arms. The wallet can hold 1 to 8 cards plus cash. Unlike ordinary plate wallets with elastic bands, there is no option to use the space between the outer plate surface and the elastic band for organizing the wallet but there is an integrated money clip on the back of the wallet.

The aluminum plates do provide RFID blocking capabilities to protect your NFC capable cards from skimming devices. The ORION ONE Mechanical Minimalist Wallet is 100% made in the USA and is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. It has already been successfully funded.

Where to Buy ORION ONE Mechanical Minimalist Wallet

ORION ONE Mechanical Minimalist Wallet

The ORION ONE Mechanical Minimalist Wallet is the first minimalist Aluminum + Titanium wallet with mechanical linkage arms instead of conventional hinges.

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