We reviewed the original Pitaka Carbon Fiber Wallet not too long ago. The wallet had some great features like the fact that it is modular. You can pick and choose the layers that go into the wallet as the layers are all held together with strong magnets. However, the magnets also posed a problem as they may damage magnetic stripes on credit cards, parking tickets, hotel access cards and other cards that use some form of magnetic stripe. Pitaka has just launched a New Pitaka Carbon Fiber Wallet that addresses this problem on Kickstarter. If the idea of a fully modular wallet interests you, you might want to check it out.

On first glance, the New Pitaka Carbon Fiber Wallet doesn’t look different from the original. It is still made from carbon fiber and it is still held together with strong magnets. However, the new wallet addresses the biggest concern with the original which is damage to magnetic stripes on cards. The new wallet offers a new module layer with anti-degaussing properties. Cards kept in this module are protected from the strong magnets. This new layer can hold up to 3 cards.

Pitaka is also introducing new modules as options with the new launch. Besides the degaussing layer, there is a box module for storing coin, keys and other small items. Also new is a money clip module and a tool card module. The later is similar to those multi-tool in card format but integrated with the magnets that snap into place on the New Pitaka Carbon Fiber Wallet.

The New Pitaka Carbon Fiber Wallet has already met its funding goal within hours of being launched on Kickstarter. There is still time to grab the new wallet at a great discount over its eventual retail price if you hurry.

Where to Buy New Pitaka Carbon Fiber Wallet

New Pitaka Carbon Fiber Wallet

Modular, Magnetic-Stripe Friendly, & RFID-Blocking. The New PITAKA Carbon Fiber Wallet keeps all your daily essentials secure and in a quick flick.

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