One of the things that we have learned from reviewing over a hundred minimalist wallets on this site is that there is no one wallet that perfect for every user. Although the idea behind a minimalist wallet is simple, everyone has different needs and requirements. Therefore no one wallet will meet all the different requirements.

We have always advised wallet users to remove unnecessary items from their wallet to reduce bulk and this includes coins, receipts, bits of paper, keys and even photos. However, there are always circumstances where this cannot be avoided and minimalist wallet designs that allow you to carry one or more of these extra items have often popped up. The Disc Wallet from Disc Brand Co is one such wallet.

The name Disc Wallet is a throwback to the Sony Discman or specifically the CD binders that are used to hold CD collections. If you are old enough to live through this era, you no doubt remember the binders that are used to store and display the CDs. However, instead of storing CDs, the Disc Wallet uses the same design principle to store and organize your coins instead.

Slim wallets that can store coins are not all that uncommon of course. However, most of the time this usually means a small and tight storage compartment or a tiny space for that purpose. They are also designed to hold all your coins in a single compartment.

The Disc Wallet is different because it has four upright slots specifically for storing your coins. You can use the slots for organizing your coins so that you can easily pick the ones you need, just like picking a CD from a CD album.

Other features of the wallet include an external travel pocket for storing access or metro cards that you frequently use. It has a thumb slot for quick and easy removal. On the other side of the wallet is an ID pocket with a cutout window. ID cards stored in this pocket can be flashed without having to remove it from the wallet.

On the inside of the wallet, Instead of card slots, there is a card band that can be used to securely hold 4 – 6 cards. Last but not least, there is also a cash slot at the back of the wallet.

Disc Brand Co. has launched an Indiegogo campaign for the Disc Wallet. If your requirements for a slim wallet includes a coin compartment, you should check out the Disc Wallet as you get not just one but 4 coin slots for keeping your coins organized. Best Slim Wallets readers have the benefit of getting Disc Wallet, free worldwide shipping PLUS a free RFID sleeve for only $25. This perk is worth $40 on the campaign page. Hurry, cause only the first 10 readers who buy through our link gets this offer!

Where to Buy Disc Wallet

Disc Wallet

The Disc Wallet is inspired by the CD binders that accompany the classic Sony Discman. However instead of holding CDs, the 4 coin slots hold coins instead.

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