When it comes to minimalist wallets, one of the best features is that there are as many types of materials as there are wallet styles that you can choose from. This is great news for vegans as many slim wallet designs are 100% animal free. However, leather is still a very popular choice of material. For vegans who prefer the traditional wallet look, there are wallets made from leather alternatives. A while ago, we got to try out a wallet made from cork from a company called Corkor. They were nice enough to send us a couple of their new cork wallet products and this is a review of one of them, the Corkor Slim Cork Wallet.

The biggest selling point for the Corkor branded wallet is the fact that all their wallets are 100% PETA approved vegan and made from cork. This means 100% animal free – no fur, wool, exotic skin or other animal-derived materials and environmentally friendly. This is true not just for the wallet itself but the packaging as well.

The Corkor Slim Cork Wallet arrived in a brown cardboard box. Inside, the wallet is protected with brown paper packaging plus padding made from natural shavings. The original Corkor card wallet we reviewed had a finishing that looks more like natural cork but this one has been dyed dark brown which gives it an appearance that is similar to leather.

The cork material is soft to the touch, slightly elastic and even feels a lot like leather. If you look closely, you can see the speckled discoloration that cork normally has. Each wallet is unique in look and no two wallets are alike because of this blotchy effect although it is not very obvious because of the darker shade.

Making a choice to help the environment fortunately does not come with any compromises as far as the wallet functionality is concerned. The Corkor Slim Cork Wallet has 6 credit card slots, 3 on each side. Due to the elastic nature of the cork material, you can store at least 2 to 3 cards in each slot. On each side, there is an additional horizontal pocket that can be used for storing less used cards or other items like receipts and notes. That means a lot of card storage space for a minimalist wallet.

Cash can be stored in the cash pocket behind the card slots. The cash slot is wide and tall enough for most international currencies including larger ones like the Euro. Like most leather slim wallet designs, the wallet is not the slimmest by far but it fits comfortably in either a back of front pocket even when filled up with cards and cash.

The wallet itself is very light as cork has very low density. In fact it has a lower density than water and the wallet will actually float. Cork is naturally resistant to moisture, allowing it to age without deteriorating so no worries about the wallet’s durability. Furthermore, it is resistant to abrasion and scratches.

With the Corkor Slim Cork Wallet, not only will you be doing your part for the environment, you will also be the owner of a truly unique wallet. Each wallet is made from cork that is 100% sustainable, vegan and eco-friendly that you can use with pride.


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Corkor Slim Cork Wallet

Corkor Slim Cork Wallet is made from non-leather vegan material. Great minimalist front pocket wallet that adds a touch of nature to your travel routine.

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Corkor Slim Cork Wallet

Corkor Slim Cork Wallet is made from non-leather vegan material. Great minimalist front pocket wallet that adds a touch of nature to your travel routine.

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