For the very first time, we are reviewing a product that is not a minimalist wallet. Don’t worry, we are not straying too far from the path. The Cavity Card is a wallet accessory. In fact, it is an accessory that is specifically designed for certain slim wallet users.

Our usual mantra here at Best Slim Wallet is to keep only the essentials and the bare minimum in your minimalist wallet. This usually means a few essential cards plus a little cash. Everything else has to go including coins and keys. However, for many, this is easier said than done especially for those who have just made the switch from a traditional fat wallet to a slim one. How do you make the switch while being able to carry a few coins and that all-important house key? This is where the Cavity Card comes in.

While certain wallet designs like the card sleeve may allow you to slip in a few coins and a key, it is usually impossible to do so with a plate wallet for example. The Cavity Card gets around this limitation by letting you store small items like coins, keys, memory cards and even pills in a slim compartment that is designed to be the size of a credit card. It is thicker than a standard credit card of course. Depending on the model, the thickness is the equivalent of 3 to 6 cards thick.

It consists of a thin and lightweight plastic frame with sticky tape on one side. Included in the package is a plain white card that you can stick to the bottom of the Cavity Card. Alternatively, you can pick one of your less used or less important card and use that instead as the bottom tray. Doing so saves you the space of one card. With the card in place, now you have a handy little storage space for all kinds of things that usually won’t fit in your wallet. You will need another card to slip over the Cavity Card to function as a cover to make sure the items don’t drop out.

We tried using the Cavity Card with a variety of slim wallets. It works well with wallets that have some kind of mechanism that holds the wallet together like the elastic strap on a plate wallet. For leather type wallets where the card slot may not be as tight, there is a possibility that the contents might spill out as there isn’t enough pressure to hold in place the card that acts as a cover for the Cavity Card.

The other problem that we faced is that you need to remember which way you face the Cavity Card in your wallet. Pulling it out upside down might again cause all the contents to spill out because the cover card is not attached to storage compartment. One way to fix this is to tape one end of the cover card to the Cavity Card to prevent it from slipping off easily.

It takes a little getting used to the Cavity Card to prevent the pitfall above plus it doesn’t work as well with all wallets. However, if carrying coins and other objects in your slim wallet is essential to you, this is probably one of the best ways to do it without just dumping them into your pocket or bag. In many cities, going completely coinless is not really a viable option. You always need a few coins for the parking meter or you only have one or two keys and you don’t want to carry them separately on a keychain and weight down your pocket.

The Cavity Card is available in 3 different sizes, the Slim (2.4 mm), Regular (3.1 mm) and Double (4.7 mm).


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Cavity Card

Carrying coins, keys, and other items doesn't have to mean big bulky pockets. Cavity Card fits (almost) any wallet and keeps it light & slim.

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