Meet my wallet. Its name is Al. Al may seem like a pretty strange name for a wallet and the folks behind it never did explained why they named their minimalist wallet the Al Wallet. The name is not the only thing that is unique about the wallet as it has a truly unique design for a wallet as well.

When we first laid eyes on the Al Wallet, our first impression was that it is yet another metal plate wallet. It looks rather stylish with the brushed metal look though. Then we noticed that it has no noticeable elastic band that binds the two metal plates together. But then, we have seen plate wallet designs that use rivets and even mechanical arms. However, the Al Wallet keeps things simple and true to its minimalist nature.

The Al Wallet uses a truly minimalist engineering design that uses no screw, nut, rivet, hinge or bolt. What it uses is a metal spring that connects the halves of the wallet plus a polyester card holder in between. The card holder securely holds your cards, cash and other bits of paper in place. To remove or insert items, just give the end with the spring a slight squeeze. This causes the other end of the wallet to fan out giving you quick and easy access to the wallet’s contents.

The metal plates are made from stainless steel which also provides RFID protection against any identity theft attempts. It is rust proof and water resistant. It is slightly larger than a credit card and less than half an inch thick. The wallet comes in 3 different finishes – natural steel, black or bronze. There is also an option to customize the wallet by engraving it with your name or a message.

The Al Wallet is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo and the design team from Canada hope to raise $3000 to make the wallet a reality.

Where to Buy AL Wallet

AL Wallet

The Al Wallet is the first minimalist wallet that lets you fan out the wallet contents with just a simple squeeze. It is a true outward fan and not a sideway slide.

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