If you were to ask people what are the two most important items that they carry with them whenever they leave their homes, the top two answers will most likely be their phone and their wallet (or purse). Therefore it is not surprising that there are a lot of wallet cases out there that allow you to combine the two and just carry one item instead of two.

However, all wallet cases are designed to only fit the phones they are designed for. If you an iPhone or Samsung device user, this is probably not a problem. However, if your phone is one of the lesser known or less popular models, finding a wallet case that fits your phone is a problem. An easy solution is the Zero Grid Cell Phone Wallet, a universal wallet that fits just about any phone with a flat and smooth surface at the back.

In fact, if your phone has a phone case, you can probably use the phone wallet without removing the case. That way you get both protection for your phone plus the convenience of using your phone as your wallet.

The Zero Grid Cell Phone Wallet doesn’t look like much. It comes in a plastic wrapper and is barely larger than a credit card plus just as thin. On one side is a pocket made from very thin and highly elastic Lycra fabric while the reverse side has a 3M adhesive surface. To use, simply peel of the backing paper on the adhesive layer and stick it on the back of your phone while taking care not to cover the camera lens or stick over the borders of your phone’s battery cover.

At just 6.3 ounces, the Zero Grid Cell Phone Wallet adds almost no weight to your phone. In fact, it had an unintended benefit as the case actually provided more grip to my rather slippery phone (I don’t use a case).

According to the product specification, the wallet can hold up to a maximum of 8 cards. I have to admit that as I started adding the cards, I got a bit worried after the 4th card. It looked like the fabric is going to break but it didn’t. The material is really elastic and it gets almost translucent as it gets stretched to the limit but it held. Nothing fell out even with vigorous shaking.

Now for the second test. Now that I’ve stretched it to the maximum of 8 cards, did the material get over stretched and will it still hold on to just a single card. I’m glad to report that the Zero Grid Cell Phone Wallet worked like a charm even with just a single card. The elasticity is just as strong with just a single card.

The Zero Grid Cell Phone Wallet has yet another trick up its thin elastic sleeve. If you rub the elastic fabric between your fingers, you can feel a sheet of some kind inserted between the fabric. This is the RFID protection layer that prevents identity theft and unwanted digital pickpocketing.

I can see many advantages of using the Zero Grid Cell Phone Wallet. It doesn’t even have to replace your normal everyday wallet. During times you don’t want to carry a full wallet like when you are going for a run or a quick trip to the neighborhood store, just slip in a little cash, a credit card, a metro pass and even a house key. At other times when you don’t need it, just leave it empty as it adds almost no weight or bulk to your phone.

On the other hand, although the wallet maxes out at 8 cards, you probably don’t want to carry that many cards. While the Zero Grid Cell Phone Wallet is very thin, the 8 cards are going to add a very noticeable and uncomfortable bulge at the back of your phone. Secondly, it can get troublesome to pick a card that you need because you have to remove all the cards just to find that one card.

Where to Buy Zero Grid Cell Phone Wallet

Zero Grid Cell Phone Wallet

The Zero Grid Cell Phone Wallet securely stores cards, cash, I.D. and other accessories. Works as a RFID wallet case, cell phone pouch, or card holder.

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