X Slimmy – thinnest leather wallet on Earth. That is a very bold claim by Koyono, the makers of the X Slimmy Wallet, a follow up to their original Slimmy wallet. Compared to the original, the X Slimmy is slightly larger but almost half the thickness of the original.

Like its predecessor, the X Slimmy slim wallet has quite a unique design, similar to that of a file folder. It is like two leather pockets stitched together at the back as well as on one of the sides. The pockets and the slot between the pockets are for you to store your cards, folded bills, receipts and other useless bits of paper.

We can’t really verify the X Slimmy’s thinnest leather wallet claim but it is one of the thinner leather wallets that we have come across. Besides being real slim, the X Slimmy also provides built-in RFID protection. RFID protection acts as a barrier against someone using a scanning device to steal personal data from your NFC capable cards like your credit cards.

The RFID blocking element is placed on the inside of the two exterior card pockets. This gives the X Slimmy the unique feature of having RFID protection only for the center pocket. You are free to use any of the outer pockets for storing a RFID door access card for example so that you can make use of the card without removing it from the wallet.

Besides storing RFID cards that you do not want to be blocked, the two outer card pockets are also best suited for your less essential cards as they are harder to access. Your essentials, including your cash, should be placed in the center slot between the pockets. Koyono warns that you should not store more than 2 plastic cards per pocket as it may damage the wallet.

However the pockets are definitely large enough to hold 3 or more cards and it doesn’t seem to have done any damage to the wallet. We are also watching and reading the same thing from other X Slimmy users. You can easily store 8 cards or more in total plus some cash, business cards and receipts.

We like the X Slimmy’s file folder design because it does make it much easier to put in and take out items from the wallet compared to other slim wallet designs. The wallet contents stay in place as you ruffle through them to search for the card or the bank note that you need. The cards are not stuffed tightly together as with most slim wallet designs and you do not have to take out everything from the wallet in order to find what you are looking for.

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X Slimmy Wallet

It's the minimalist wallet redefined. X Slimmy x-es out everything that makes traditional wallets a waste of space.

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