The Wallum wallet is a minimalist wallet that employs the metal sandwich design. So basically it is made out of 2 metal plates, in this case aluminum plates, that clamps together the cards that you place between them. Most metal plate wallet designs use an elastic band of some sort to hold the two metal plates together. The Wallum wallet uses 4 rubber O-rings instead which gives it a rather unique look.

The other feature that makes the Wallum look unique is the design of the metal plates. The metal plates are of the same shape and size but they each have a different engraved pattern. They also come in 6 different anodized shades. The engravings give the wallet a rather futuristic sci-fi look. It looks like something that characters from Star Trek would use, if they used wallets, that is. The aluminum plates also serve another important purpose besides looking good and holding your cards together, they also block RFID signals from your NFC capable cards thus preventing identity thieves from covertly stealing information from your wallet.

The Wallum can hold anywhere between 1 to 15 cards. It is hard to imagine what a normal wallet with 15 cards will look like but with the Wallum, it will still comfortably fit into your front pants pocket or in your shirt’s breast pocket. The notch at the side of the wallet makes it easy to push out the stored cards and to select the card that you need.

There are two versions of the Wallum. The original version, or A1 version is the version that was launched as both Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects that were successfully funded. This version has a silicone elastic band that is used to hold cash on the outer side of the wallet. The second version, or M1 version replaces the silicone band with a money clip instead. Both versions are available for sale on Amazon and the Wallum website.

Where to Buy Wallum Men's A1 Contour Card Holder Wallet

Wallum Men's A1 Contour Card Holder Wallet

The Wallum simple wallet is constructed out of high resistance aluminium designed for your day-to-day life. Designed and Made in Austria.

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Wallum - The New Simple Wallet

The Wallum is a minimalist wallet that holds up to 15 cards, cash plus features RFID protection for your NFC cards.

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