The Wallther Minimal Leather Wallet reminds us a lot of the Charbonize X wallet we have featured earlier. Both are bi-fold leather wallets with card that are inserted horizontally into the card slots. Both wallets are also hand crafted but while the Charbonize X is hand stitched, the Wallther Minimal Leather Wallet is made from a single piece of Greek vegetable tanned leather that is riveted together.

Inside the Wallther Minimal Leather Wallet, there are altogether 4 card slots, 2 on each side of the opened bi-fold. A total of 6 cards will comfortably fit into the slots. There is also a separate cash compartment which can fit unfolded bills. A strip of leather holds the cash securely in place when the wallet is opened. The wallet measures 8 x 10.5 cm (3,1 x 4,1 inches) when closed and 8 x 22 cm (3.1 x 8.6 inches) when opened.

Wallther Minimal Leather Wallet

The Wallther Minimal Leather Wallet is available in 3 different shades – Dark Brown, Black and Aquatic Green. Besides the color, the hardness of each is different with the Dark Brown being the hardest leather, the Black is soft and the Aquatic Green is very soft. Just pick the leather type to fit your preference. The hard leather is a little more uncomfortable in a front pocket but it also offers more protection for your cards and is more durable than the softer leather materials.

As an added bonus, each wallet comes with a matching leather keychain. And if you plan to make this as a gift, or if you want to personalize the wallet, there is an option to either stamp initials on the wallet or engrave it on a sterling silver plate that is attached to the wallet.

Where to Buy Wallther Minimal Leather Wallet

Wallther Minimal Leather Wallet

The Wallther Minimal Leather Wallet is for men who want to have a handy wallet but also to be delicate. Because men need them all...

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