In order to have a wallet that is as thin as possible, many minimalist wallets have as few card compartments as possible thus forcing users to put multiple or even all their cards into a single slot. What we all need is a minimalist wallet that allows us to quickly sort through multiple cards and pick the one that we need. Preferably with just one hand. It looks like we may found what we have been looking for with the Vessel Wallet.

The Vessel Wallet has many interesting features but the one feature that peaked our interest is how one picks a card from the card storage compartment. We have used wallets that come with a mechanism that staggers the cards as they get pushed out. This allows us to easily see the card that we want but picking the card itself is still a two handed effort. With the Vessel Wallet, all you have to do is slide the cards downwards one by one and when you see the one that you want, just slide it upwards. All using just one hand. And no fancy mechanism required.

However, the Vessel Wallet is more than just a one trick pony. Hidden under the card storage compartment is a slide out drawer for putting all kinds of things that usually won’t fit into a slim wallet like coins, keys, pills and even a stick of gum.

What about your cash? Don’t worry as Vessel Wallet has got that covered as well. There is a money clip attached to the back of the wallet. Don’t believe in cash? Just remove the detachable money clip and shave a few millimeters off the overall thickness.

The Vessel Wallet is made from aircraft grade aluminum, making it lightweight and durable. The outer surface is sand blasted and then finished off with an anodized coating.

If the Vessel Wallet sounds like the minimalist wallet you have been looking for, head on over to its Kickstarter campaign page and pledge your support to make it a reality. Hurry if you want to be one of the early birds and get it cheaper than everyone else.

Where to Buy Vessel Wallet

Vessel Wallet

Introducing Vessel Wallet - A sophisticated, innovative, luxury design that’s simple to use and simple to choose.

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