Minimalist wallet are often quite fanciful and many don’t look anything like a traditional wallet. What if all that you wanted is a simple leather wallet that is both elegant and tasteful, minus all the frills such as pull tabs and money clips? We think we have just the right wallet for you. Check out the Vaultskin Manhattan. A simple and practical leather wallet with classic design but with all the benefits of a slim wallet.

The Vaultskin Manhattan is made from fine, luxurious Italian leather that is surprisingly reasonably priced. It has 4 card pockets on the inside, 2 on each side of this bi-fold wallet. Each pocket can fit 2 cards and they each have a tabbed cutout design and a slightly staggered layout that makes it easier to identify the stored cards with just a glance when you open the wallet.

In addition, there is a quick access card slot on the outside. This slot is designed mainly for a card that you access frequently as you don’t have to open up the wallet to access this slot.

Cash is stored at the back of the wallet in a compartment behind the card compartments. Take note that the Vaultskin Manhattan is specifically designed to store US currency or anything smaller. However, Vaultskin does have the Vaultskin City, a version of the Manhattan that is suitable for wider currencies such as the Euro or British banknotes.

The Vaultskin Manhattan’s outer dimensions are  4.09 x 2.99 x 0.39 inches and it weighs a mere 1.3 ounces. It is also available in 3 different leather shades, black, brown and tan (Cognac).

While the Vaultskin Manhattan shuns from minimalist wallet features such as pull tabs and money clip, it does give in to one piece of innovation and we are thankful that it did. The inner pockets have RFID protection that prevents identity theft. However, the outer quick access pocket is not protected and hence is best suited for RFID cards that don’t contain personal information like a door access card or a metro pass. You can then make use of the RFID features of the card without removing it from the wallet while not being too worried about the card’s security.

The Vaultskin Manhattan doesn’t have much in terms of special features but it more than makes up for it with its good looks and high quality leather and stitching. If you are looking for a slim wallet but minus all the frills, the Vaultskin Manhattan is a good fit.

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Vaultskin Manhattan

The Vaultskin Manhattan slim bi-fold's intuitive layout displays all of your cards when it’s open it so you don’t need to dig around for them.

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