Minimalist wallets are made from all kinds of material not normally associated with a traditional wallet which is usually made of leather or sometimes fabric. Metal is often used for slim wallets and it is the material of choice when it comes to plate wallets. The plate wallet design is simple as it is nothing more than just a metal plate or two bound together with an elastic band. The Trayvax Summit Minimalist Wallet however takes a slightly different approach to the plate wallet design to come up with a wallet that is designed to withstand the toughest conditions and with looks to match.

The thing that sets the Trayvax Summit from other wallets is that it uses a MIL-W-17337 military grade nylon strap instead of the usual elastic band to hold the wallet contents securely. This nylon strap has a 1000 lbs breaking strength so it is not going come apart or break anytime soon. However, in the unlikely event that it does break or if you want to give your wallet a different look, you can order replacements from Trayvax.

The only other component of the Trayvax Summit is the cold rolled steel plate coated in a layer of corrosion-resistant electro coated paint. The nylon strap is buckled to the metal plate and you can adjust the tightness of the strap to accommodate between 1 to 8 cards. When adjusted correctly, the cards fit snugly and no amount of wallet jiggling will cause the cards to fall out. There is also a little metal tab at the corner of the wallet that holds the cards in place as you insert them. And this is the reason why the maximum recommended number of cards is 8 as the height of the tab is about the height of 8 cards.

And since the wallet uses an adjustable nylon strap instead of an elastic band, there is no issue of the band getting loose over time as it loses elasticity or the band breaking. There is a slight drawback with the nylon strap though. If you carry the same number of cards all the time, the strap works perfectly fine. However, if you need to adjust the number of cards that you carry, it is a little troublesome to adjust the strap on a frequent basis.

The wallet has been designed to allow the user to push out the cards from either the front or the back of the wallet. The metal plate itself has cut outs that lets you thumb out and splay out the cards. You can thus easily pick the card that you want and just as easily place it back into the wallet afterwards.

The Trayvax Summit has also got you covered if you need to carry a little cash along with you. At the back of the wallet is small nook that acts as a money clip. It will hold a few folded bills. While a bill folded in threes will fit we find it best if we fold it into fours. You can also slip in a key into the money clip area but from our experience we find that the key tends to slip out when we pull out the cash. So we would recommend either storing cash or a key but not both at the same time.

Last but not least, the wallet has a lanyard hole on one of the corners that is perfect for attaching to a carabiner hook or even to a key ring. With a carabiner hook, you can securely hook the wallet to a backpack, a purse strap of even a belt loop. The Trayvax Summit can be purchased from Amazon and the Trayvax website. Links are provided below.

Where to Buy Trayvax Summit Wallet

Trayvax Summit Wallet

Following a minimalist design, the Summit wallet consists of just two components and is designed to carry only what you need everyday. All with the quality materials and American craftsmanship you expect from Trayvax.

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Trayvax Summit Minimalist Wallet

The Trayvax Summit is the ultimate slim wallet, designed with the serious minimalist in mind. Made from just two components - the cold rolled steel plate and a length of mil-spec nylon webbing.

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