Thinny is a minimalist wallet that is made out of a combination of leather and elastic material that holds the wallet together and keeps your cards, cash plus a bit more securely. The design of the Thinny Minimalist Wallet is somewhere between a simple leather wallet and an elastic sleeve. The wallet actually has 2 sleeves, one for holding your cards and the other for your bills.

The main advantage of the sleeve slim wallet design is that its elasticity has the versatility of holding much more than the usual minimalist wallet designs. However, its biggest disadvantage is that you end up stuffing everything into a single compartment which can be a huge problem when you are looking for that one card as it usually means taking everything out and sorting through your wallet content one by one.

The Thinny Minimalist Wallet improves on the standard sleeve design by incorporating two sleeves into one. You can now store all your cards in the elastic card pocket while your cash goes into the other. The card pocket has a window which can be used to easily push out the outer most card so you should store your most often used card next to the window.

The other pocket can store your bills plus other wallet contents such as a spare key (or a thumb drive as the video suggests) although we always feel that if you can’t do without these other items that turned your original fat wallet into a brick, you are not ready for the minimalist wallet.

Other than the fact that you probably need to be a little more organized so that you can easily access the card that you need, the Thinny Minimalist Wallet can be a great starter slim wallet. It lets you hold a whole lot more than the other slim wallet designs and that extra pocket does come in a little handy in organizing your wallet.

The Thinny Minimalist Wallet is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. The project is scheduled to end in mid November and if it meets its funding target, backers can expect to receive their Thinny betwwen December 2014 and January 2015.

Where to Buy Thinny Minimalist Wallet

Thinny Minimalist Wallet

The Thinny Minimalist Wallet is a state-of-the-art wallet for you and your friends! Have fun, do sports and travel with Thinny!

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