Crowd sourcing websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are hotbeds for slim wallet projects. Most of them are run-of-the-mill projects that don’t really bring much innovation to the slim wallet design. However, Apparel by PW’s new slim wallet called The Hub has caught our attention.

Creating a minimalist wallet that functions well is much more than just stitching up a piece of leather or banding together a couple pieces of metal sheet. The folks at Apparel by PW has taken a lot of effort to find the best leather material that both looks good and is durable. They have settled on using beautiful oil tanned leather to produce a wallet that is 8 mm thick.

The Hub has a simple design with 2 card slots on the outer side of both sides of this bi-fold wallet and a full length cash slot that allows you to stash your cash without needing to fold it. Having the card slots on the outside minimizes the girth a little plus it makes the wallet easier to fold even when it is full.

Each of the card slots can comfortably hold 1 to 3 plastic cards giving you a total of 12 cards. That should be more than enough to store all your credit cards, bank cards, id cards, business cards, etc. Cash goes in the cash slot and the notes can be easily inserted and removed. Having a full length cash slot increases the overall thickness but it is an acceptable compromise over small and tight pockets that makes removing and inserting cash an unnecessary hassle.

This is not the slimmest nor cheapest minimalist wallet out there but it is one of the nicer ones plus it has a nice balance between practicality and girth.

Where to Buy The Hub Slim Wallet

The Hub Slim Wallet

The Hub Slim Wallet is a slim American Made wallet with easy access to your cards and a cash slot that actually works.

Buy from Kickstarter

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