The Card Cage Wallet is a new minimalist wallet that is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. It is made from anodized 6061 aluminum and its design is rather unique and different from most other metal slim wallets out there. The name Card Cage is rather apt for the wallet as it does look like a metal cage for storing your cards and cash.

The Card Cage Wallet is primarily designed for holding cards, about four to six cards to be precise. Unlike metal plate wallets that uses a rubber or elastic band of some kind to hold the wallet together, the Card Cage is machined out from a solid piece of aluminum and requires no elastic band so you don’t have to worry about replacing loose or broken elastic bands.

The part about the wallet that we really like is the built-in money clip that is incorporated into the body of the wallet itself. Although we prefer not to carry cash, we just can’t escape from keeping a few bills for emergencies. Instead of a separate money clip that you have to add on to the wallet, you can just slip a few bills under the Card Cage’s built-in money clip if you need it or just leave it empty if you don’t.

We like the fact that we don’t have to decide to attach an optional money clip or not as add-on money clips do add on to the overall thickness and weight of a wallet. However, carrying more cash does take up more space and reduces the number of cards you can store in the wallet but it is a price that all minimalist wallet users willingly pay.

The Card Cage Wallet

Another thing that we like about the Card Cage Wallet is the minimalist vibe that is present in both the design and functionality of the wallet. Every design aspect of the wallet is kept to a zen-like minimum. The parts of the wallet you do see are the bare minimum required to hold the cards and a little cash. On the other hand, the thin sections may look fragile but they are actually very strong and are unlikely to fail anytime soon.

Cards slip in easily into the wallet. What keeps the card in place is a tiny piece of rubber rib on the inside surface of one of the walls. This rubber piece also makes it possible to store a single card plus an optional single bank note without them falling out of the wallet even with vigorous shaking. It is a simple but clever feat of engineering.

Removing cards is equally simple. Just use your thumb to “fan” out the cards, find the card that you want and push it further out the top.

Check out the details at the Card Cage Wallet’s Kickstarter page and if you want a Card Cage of your own, pledge your support and help Pat Kalahar, the inventor of the wallet, to make it a reality.

Where to Buy Card Cage Wallet

Card Cage Wallet

The Card Cage Wallet is a simple metal slim wallet that combines a card carrier and money clip into one stylish front pocket carry wallet.

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