If you are looking for a unique minimalist leather wallet either for yourself or as a gift, the “Bondi” Kangaroo Leather Wallet from Australian wallet ship nivisto is a good choice.

Firstly, it is made from full grain, vegetable tanned kangaroo leather and is made to order. Each “Bondi” Kangaroo Leather Wallet is hand stitched using waxed thread for durability and also for that rugged look. Due to variations in the leather and the fact that each wallet is handmade with blood, sweat and tears, each wallet will have a unique look and two wallets are exactly alike.

The “Bondi” Kangaroo Leather Wallet has two compartments for holding your stuff. The first is a card sleeve that can easily store 6 cards or more. The smooth kangaroo leather allows your cards to smoothly slide in and out of the pocket.

The second compartment is a cash compartment on the other side of the wallet. The case compartment is fully stitched on two sides plus a third side that is stitched half way, similar to some document folders. Depending on the size of your currency, most currencies including the US dollar should fit in the cash pocket with just a single fold. Again, the design of the pocket and the smooth leather makes inserting and removing cash an easy task.

The “Bondi” Kangaroo Leather Wallet measures just 3.25″ / 8 cm (L) x 4.3″ / 11 cm (W) and it is available in 7 different shades including Cappuccino, Rustic Brown and Red. The thread color can also be customized with 4 different thread colors available for your selection.

Where to Buy The "Bondi" Kangaroo Leather Wallet

The "Bondi" Kangaroo Leather Wallet

The "Bondi" Kangaroo Leather Wallet is a made to order, hand stitched wallet made from vegetable tanned kangaroo leather.

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