Most slim wallet users look for just a few things in a minimalist wallet. Firstly, there is sufficient space to hold a fair number of cards plus some cash of course. Secondly, both the cards and cash can be easily removed and also stored back into the wallet. Last and definitely not least, the wallet should of course be slim enough to fit comfortably into either a front or back pocket. The original Tyni Wallet from Teng & Co. offered these minimum requirements in a nice and slim package. They are now back with a brand new wallet called simply the Slim Bifold Wallet that includes a few extra nice to have features.

The wallets from Teng & Co. have been evolving nicely from the Tyni Wallet to the Tyni Bifold (aka Slim 360 Wallet) and now the Slim Bifold Wallet. The new wallet has a more contemporary design with a few tricks up its (card) sleeves. Fans of our site no doubt know about our fondness for pull tabs. Guess what? Teng & Co. have added one to the Slim Bifold Wallet. Pull tabs make card extraction so much easier.

The new wallet now uses a more traditional storage pocket for storing cash. Instead of the push through strap design, we now have a simple half cut pocket. You can choose to either keep your cash folded in the pocket for extra security, or leave half of the cash sticking out so that it is easier to access and pick the notes that you need.

Other nice to have features are a quick access slot on the outside for your most often used card and RFID blocking for protection against electronic pick-pocketing.

The Slim Bifold Wallet is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. If Teng & Co’s previous campaigns are any indication, you better head on over quickly if you want to grab one of the early bird discounts. They run out real fast.

Where to Buy Slim Bifold Wallet

Slim Bifold Wallet

Slim Bifold Wallet - Classic design with modern features. Best slim wallet design with quick access pocket, pull tab for easy card access, cash pocket, RFID protection and more.

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