The slimTECH Men’s Carbon Fiber Wallet is a minimalist wallet, money clip, and card case rolled into one. For men, this is the ideal scenario as you would want to keep all items in one place. But unlike the standard wallets that we see in the market, the slimTech is ultra compact, slim and will fit any pocket. The money clip holds 1 – 8 bills separate from cards for easy access.

As a card case, the slimTECH Carbon Fiber Wallet expands to hold 10 or more credit cards or 30 or more business cards. The elasticity of the O-rings that hold the wallet together ensures that your cards are secure whether you are storing just 1 card or all 10. It comes with an optional RFID Shield option that blocks RFID-skimming devices that identity thieves use for stealing ID and credit card data. This wallet is precision CNC machined and is 100% made in the USA.

The slimTECH Men’s Carbon Fiber Wallet takes full advantage of the carbon fiber material’s unique properties. Carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel and only one third of its weight plus it is so durable, it will probably last a lifetime. The makers of the wallet used a premium aerospace grade 6k 2 x 2 weave instead of the standard 3k 1 x 1. It has a smooth, durable mirror like finish and a deep three-dimensional luster that shifts with the light.

Finally, the slimTECH Men’s Carbon Fiber Wallet comes with a 5-year warranty (one year replacement guarantee on O-rings). You can adjust the tension using different size O-rings. It is fully customizable with different colored O-rings.

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slimTECH Carbon Fiber Wallet

The slimTECH Carbon Fiber Wallet is constructed from stunning aerospace grade carbon fiber. It is light weight and ultra slim and will last a lifetime.

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slimTECH Carbon Fiber Wallet

Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet, Money Clip, Card Case with optional RFID Shield.

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