Slim wallet designers have come up with wallet designs using all kinds of new materials that we don’t often see used for making wallets. In the pursuit of making wallets as thin as possible, one unlikely material that is being used is Tyvek. Tyvek is a synthetic material made from high-density polyethylene fibers. It is the same material used for making the super light but super strong envelopes used by some courier companies. It has a paper-like texture that looks and feels deceivingly fragile. However, if you have ever tried tearing into a Tyvek courier envelope without the use of a pair of scissors or a knife, you’ll have a good idea of how infuriatingly tough Tyvek is.

The SlimFold minimalist wallet uses the very same Tyvek material that is sewn together to produce one of the thinnest and lightest slim wallet we have ever seen. The SlimFold wallet may be impossibly thin but it is larger than most minimalist wallets. This is because it has been designed to store your cards in a side-by-side layout. As a result, the SlimFold can hold a maximum of 10 cards plus an additional ID card in a windowed slot and yet has a thickness that is slightly more than 4 cards stacked up together. 6 of the cards are stored on the front slots while inside the bill storage area at the back, there is space for another 4 cards. You will probably want to store your less often used cards in the back slots.

The bill storage area is very deep and large and should fit most if not all foreign currencies. This makes the SlimFold the ideal minimalist wallet for frequent travelers. The slot is even large enough to fit in a boarding pass.

The SlimFold has an additional feature which makes it rather unique. You can double-fold the wallet and you have a wallet that is twice as thick but is barely larger than a credit card. So you have the choice of carrying a large but super-slim wallet or fold it into half to make it more compact to fit into smaller sized pockets.

Where to Buy SlimFold Minimalist Wallet

SlimFold Minimalist Wallet

The SlimFold Minimalist Wallet is made from ultra thin and super strong Tyvek material. Holds up to 10 cards and is possibly the thinnest wallet ever.

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