The Slim Money Clip Wallet by Canadian design company Human Republic is a rather unique wallet. The wallet looks like a cross between a money clip and a metal plate wallet. Unlike the usual simple money clip design that consists of a single spring loaded metal clamp that holds the cards and cash together, the Slim Money Clip Wallet design is like having 3 credit card sized money clips stuck together.

Although it may sound strange at first but this 3 money clip design makes sense because unlike the normal money clip that forces you to keep on your wallet content in a single clip, the Slim Money Clip Wallet allows you to use the 3 money clips to organize your wallet. A simple money clip is probably a more space efficient design but we prefer a wallet with a few compartments so that we can split our cash from our cards and if possible further split frequently used cards from those that are important but seldom used like ID cards for example.

The other unique feature about the Slim Money Clip Wallet is that it is made from a single piece of brushed or chromed aluminum which gives it a rather elegant and classy look. This single piece of aluminum is folded over 3 times to create the 3 money clip compartments. We prefer the brushed metal look but the shiny chrome version looks good as well although we are not sure if the shiny surface is as durable as the brushed metal version in the long run.

You can organize the contents of the Slim Money Clip Wallet however you like but we preferred to use the two outer compartments for cards and stuck cash in the center compartment. Single folded US bills can fit in the slot but the bills will stick out a bit out of the wallet. Double folding the bills will be neater but you will not be able to store as much cash. Each of the outer card slots can fit 2 to 3 cards for a total of 6 cards.

Where to Buy Slim Money Clip Wallet

Slim Money Clip Wallet

The Slim Money Clip Wallet is a unique triple money clip wallet made from a single piece of brushed or chromed aluminum.

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