Wallet designer Zhi Teng is back once again with a brand new wallet which he has just launched on Kickstarter. Zhi Teng was behind the Tyni Wallet, the leather minimalist wallet that was successfully funded on an earlier Kickstarter campaign that raised 11 times its original funding goal back in August 2014. The new Slim 360 Wallet (also known as the Bifold) features some of the innovative designs from the original Tyni Wallet but expands it further by turning it into a leather bi-fold wallet.

The Slim 360 Wallet is made from high quality soft Saffinano or Napa leather. The use of premium quality leather gives the wallet that elegant and classic leather wallet look. While it looks fairly much like an ordinary leather bi-fold wallet, this is where any familarity ends. Fans of the Tyni Wallet will appreciate the fact that the wide cash strap has made a return. Unlike a normal pocket, the cash strap allows you to quickly extract your stored folded bills with a simple push from either end.

Besides the cash strap, the Slim 360 Wallet has 3 other slots. A slanted pocket without RFID protection while the other quick draw slot and another slanted pocket slot comes with RFID protection. It would have been good if there was an easy way to differentiate between the two as it was not easy trying to remember which slot had RFID protection and which did not.

RFID protection blocks data from contactless cards from being stolen by identity thieves using special contactless card readers. The slanted pocket also makes it real easy to slide out your protected card for use with just a slide of your thumb. You can easily store about 8 cards in the Slim 360 Wallet.

The pocket without RFID protection allows you to use it with cards that you do not want to get blocked like a commuter card for example. The Slim 360 Wallet gives you the best of both worlds, RFID protection when you need it and convenience when you don’t.

We still haven’t talked about the Slim 360 Wallet’s most unique feature. This bi-fold wallet can be folded both ways. you can choose which side of the wallet is on the outer side. If you use cards most of the time and only keep cash for emergencies, have the card pockets facing outside for easy access. If you use cash frequently, flip it the other way and let the cash strap be on the outside instead.

We found yet another method of using the wallet that was not mentioned in the course of testing out the wallet. While it was relatively easy to store cash in the push through money compartment, you still have to fold and unfold your bills every time you store or remove them. We find that it was easier to just slip half the bills into the cash strap. That way, when we unfold the wallet, the cash is easily accessible.

The only problem we face is that with currencies that are larger in size, part of the notes may stick out but it works fine with US dollar bills. Of course, if used this way, the Slim 360 has to folded with the cash strap on the inside or otherwise the bills may fall out.

If you liked the original Tyni Wallet but would like a little more space or pockets to organize your cards, the Slim 360 Wallet is the perfect upgrade for you.

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Tyni Bifold Wallet

The Slim 360 Wallet is the 360° reversible bi-fold wallet with optional RFID blocking. Secure, slim, minimalist wallet for everyday carry.

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Slim 360 Wallet

The Slim 360 Wallet is the 360° reversible bi-fold wallet with optional RFID blocking. Secure, slim, minimalist wallet for everyday carry.

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