The mantra behind the minimalist wallet has always been to stick to cards, reduce reliance on cash and also, dump the coins. However, not everyone can do away with cash completely and many still have to handle cash on a daily basis. Depending on where you live, a cashless society may still be far away in the future.

Many minimalist wallets treat cash storage as a secondary thought. Not much design effort goes into storing and retrieving cash easily. In fact, many wallets require you to fold your cash multiple times or to stuff them into really tight spaces that are hard to retrieve from. If you have been facing these problems with your slim wallet, the Rever Vant Clipfold is the wallet for you.

The Rever Vant Clipfold is probably the first minimalist wallet that puts emphasis on cash storage or specifically the ease of extracting and restoring cash to the wallet. Instead of using a cash compartment or a spring money clip, the wallet has a specially designed and patent pending convenience clip. The clip itself is made from leather, just like the rest of the wallet. What is interesting is that the clip pops up at an angle when you open the bifold wallet thus making it easy to remove and insert cash.

Though it may not look like it, the convenience clip can securely hold a single bill even with the wallet opened. It is designed to hold up to 8 bills securely. The other advantage of the clip is that it does not crease the bills. Creased bills are always a huge problem with fussy vending machines and other payment kiosks that accept bills.

While cash is given more attention, that does not mean that the Rever Vant Clipfold neglects card storage. There are 2 external card slots, one on each side of the bifold wallet. These external card slots are non-RFID which makes them ideal for storing door access or metro cards. They allow you to use these cards without removing them from your wallet.

On the inside of the wallet are another 4 card slots. These card slots are RFID blocked so that you can store your RFID enabled credit cards or other sensitive cards that require RFID blocking.

The Rever Vant Clipfold is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter and it has already met its funding goal. If you act fast you can get one with a support pledge of just $32.

Where to Buy Rever Vant Clipfold Wallet

Rever Vant Clipfold Wallet

The Rever Vant Clipfold excels in a feature all minimalist wallets simply overlook, the ability to access your cash.

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