There are two items that most people have with them almost at all times in their pocket – a wallet and a phone. As our smartphones grow more and more powerful with each new iteration, they also get more power hungry and many power users are finding it harder and harder to get the phone battery to last the whole day. As a result, many are carrying an additional item with them in their pocket – a power bank. If your pocket is getting heavier and bulkier as a result of the above, the PowerFold Wallet can help you lighten your load.

There are many solutions out there that merges a phone with a wallet but not everyone is comfortable with that. The times that you need to use your phone are not the times you need to use your wallet and vice versa. Needless to say you run the risk of losing both items if it gets lost or stolen.

The PowerFold Wallet keeps your phone separate from your wallet but combines a slim and beautiful minimalist wallet with a thin 2,500 mAh power bank that is designed to charge both iPhones, Android phones or other smart devices that uses micro USB for charging. 2,500 mAh is not a whole lot but is is enough to give you a 80-100% charge on your phone and put you out of the anxiety of your phone going dead. The included Lightning to micro USB adapter is hidden and stored within the wallet so you won’t lose it.

Having a wallet that also includes a power bank means that you can easily charge your phone by just connecting the two devices and putting them in your pocket. The wallet has a built-in charging cable meaning no worries of looking for one or fear of losing one. The PowerFold Wallet also holds your cards plus some cash.

The PowerFold Wallet is designed by Canadian company Bolt ‘N’ Hammer Leather and it features soft, genuine leather accented with elegant stitching. It is slightly larger than a credit card and its size and weight makes it comfortable to hold in your hand together with your phone should you need to use your phone and charge it at the same time.

Bolt ‘N’ Hammer Leather is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter to make the PowerFold Wallet a reality. If you are tired of carrying bulky and heavy power banks with you at all times, head on over to their KickStarter page and pledge your support.

Where to Buy PowerFold Wallet

PowerFold Wallet

The PowerFold Wallet combines a slim and beautiful minimalist wallet with a thin 2,500 mAh power bank that is designed to charge iPhones and Android phones.

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