If the Pitaka Carbon Fiber Wallet looks very familiar to you, you probably have seen or heard of the Keplero Carbon Fiber Wallet or maybe even the iMoney Trackable Wallet, 2 wallets that we have reviewed previously. All three wallets have one thing in common. They are all modular wallets that use magnets to hold the wallet together.

The idea of a modular wallet that you can easily take apart and customize according to your needs by selecting just the parts that you need is a rather cool and innovative idea. Using magnets to hold the wallet together means that you don’t require any tools in order to take the wallet apart and put it back together. This takes innovative wallet design to a whole new level.

The Pitaka Carbon Fiber Wallet has “layers” made from carbon fiber. The top and bottom layers has a single recess that holds a single card. The middle layers each have 2 recesses, one on each side, and can hold 2 cards per layer. There are also additional special layers that are designed the store cash and also a box layer that can hold items like coins, keys and memory cards. However, the sample that we received only came with 2 standard card layers for a total capacity of 6 cards

The way that the Pitaka Carbon Fiber Wallet works is rather unique. On one end of each of the layers, there is a pretty strong magnet that acts as a hinge or pivot point. To access your wallet contents, you fan out the other end of the wallet by sliding the layers apart with your fingers. With a little practice you should be able to do this single handedly. In terms of coolness level, this one is right up there. It is bound to attract quite some attention when you use it in public or among friends. We know because we have experienced this first hand and our friends are already used to seeing us with strange looking wallets.

In addition to the pivoting magnet, there are 2 other smaller magnets located on the upper half of the layer, one on each side. These magnets are used to keep the layers together and keep the Pitaka Carbon Fiber Wallet in the “closed” position. They also prevent you from over-sliding when you fan the wallet open. Each layer gives a satisfying click as it locks into position when you fan out the layers. If this all sounds confusing, just view the video below.

Carbon fiber wallet have other benefits as well. Compared to a metal wallet, like an aluminum wallet for example, carbon fiber is much lighter while offering comparable to superior durability and toughness. Carbon fiber also provides natural RFID blocking, a feature that is much sought after nowadays.

We guess that one question that many of you may have is the difference between the Pitaka wallet and the Keplero wallet. Both wallets are actually very similar in both form and function. Both are made from carbon fiber and use almost identical magnet mechanism. There is a very slight difference in overall thickness as the Keplero is slightly slimmer but the Pitaka has slightly smaller dimensions.

However, in our opinion, the biggest difference is that you can buy a Pitaka Carbon Fiber Wallet today, something that you can’t do with the Keplero as it is currently having delivery issues. Keplero has yet to deliver all the wallets that were promised to its backers.

Before you replace your current wallet with the Pitaka Carbon Fiber Wallet, there is something you should be aware of. The wallet uses small but fairly strong magnets and as you know, magnets and the magnetic stripe on cards don’t go too well together. There is actually a warning about this on the packaging box itself.

It is true that magnetic stripes on credit cards are being replaced with EMV chip cards that offer much higher security. However, even in our country whereby all credit cards are chip based, they still have magnetic stripes for compatibility when we travel abroad. And there may be other types of card that are still strictly magnetic based like certain parking tickets and hotel room access cards. This is something that you will need to take into consideration before taking the plunge.

Where to Buy Pitaka Carbon Fiber Wallet

Pitaka Carbon Fiber Wallet

The Pitaka Carbon Fiber Wallet is a modular wallet that you can take apart and customize according to your needs by selecting just the parts that you need.

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