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Slim 360 Wallet

The Slim 360 Wallet is the 360° reversible bi-fold wallet with optional RFID blocking. Secure, slim, minimalist wallet for everyday carry.

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Tyni Wallet

The Tyni Wallet is designed with pockets to meet everyday needs, while maintaining the appearance and quality of a high end wallet.

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Trayvax Summit Minimalist Wallet

Following a minimalist design, the Summit wallet consists of just two components and is designed to carry only what you need everyday. All with the quality materials and American craftsmanship you expect from Trayvax.

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Distil Union Wally Bifold

Wally Bifold from Distil Union is the minimalist leather wallet with the innovative pull tab system for quick access to all your cards.

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Invisible Wallet

The Invisible Wallet is a minimalist wallet, extra light and thin for a dynamic lifestyle, designed for those who want to bring along only the essentials. It is more than just a slim wallet. It is a whole wallet eco-system.

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Frenchie Wallet

The Frenchie Wallet features a quick access cash slot plus a card slot with a pull tab for access to your cards without even opening the wallet.

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3C Smart Wallet

The 3C Smart Wallet by Ögon Designs is a plate style slim wallet that is made from carbon fiber, a material that is fast gaining popularity among minimalist wallet designers because of its light weight and superior durability. It is also the same material that is used... read more

A-Slim Reza Wallet

You may not have heard of A-Slim but the team behind this wallet producing company has over 50 years of experience within the leather industry and it spans the entire industry from tanning to design to manufacturing. They also have a very wide and impressive range of... read more

Wallum U1 Wallet

Wallum is back with a brand new wallet design and they have launched their new Wallum U1 Wallet on Kickstarter. The Wallum A1 wallet was one of the first wallets that we reviewed on the site almost exactly 2 years ago. While the A1 wallet had a plate design with a... read more

Mr. Lentz Passport Wallet

If you are planning to do some cross border travelling, it is usually a good idea to keep all your important travel documents together with your cash and cards. Even better, keep everything in a slim passport wallet and you can slip that into your front pocket to... read more

Vault Travel Wallet

While I love my everyday carry slim wallet, when I travel, I rather swap to a travel wallet. The main reason for this is that I prefer to keep all my important items like foreign currency, credit cards, passport and boarding pass in a single location. I’ve had... read more

Disc Wallet by Disc Brand Co

One of the things that we have learned from reviewing over a hundred minimalist wallets on this site is that there is no one wallet that perfect for every user. Although the idea behind a minimalist wallet is simple, everyone has different needs and requirements.... read more

Nomatic Basics Wallet

The Nomatic Basics Wallet was one of the most successfully Kickstarted slim wallet 2 years ago. It raised more than 17 times its original funding target of $10,000. It is not difficult to see why the wallet attracted so much attention. It is simple, minimalistic and... read more

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