The p-Bag Wallet is a simple elastic sleeve that turns just about any smartphone into a phone wallet case. While the idea of a wallet that attaches to the back of a smartphone is not new, the p-Bag is unique because it uses a nanosuction adhesive surface for sticking to the phone or just about any smooth, flat surface. What makes the nanosuction adhesive special is that it can be removed and reused over and over without leaving any residue.

The biggest advantage of having such a design is of course that it works with just about any smartphone, with or without a case, just as long as there is a smooth, flat surface at the back. Since it is easily removable and reused, you can remove it when you don’t need it or transfer it when you switch phones. During our testing period, we used the p-Bag for storing a couple of essential cards and a little cash when there wasn’t a need to carry a full wallet. At other times, we just removed the p-Bag from our phone and stuck it to our regular wallet so that we don’t have to bother to transfer the contents. Should the stickiness start to fade due to dirt on the adhesive surface just wipe it with a damp cloth or use sticky tape to remove the dirt and it is as good as new again.

The p-Bag Wallet is about the size of a credit card and it is roughly the thickness of one as well. It has a single pocket that is made from a highly stretchable and very thin material. It can easily fit about 6 to 8 cards although that would add considerable bulk to the back of your phone. Therefore we recommend just storing 2 to 3 cards plus some cash. The elasticity of the pocket securely holds the cards. No amount of vigorous shaking would cause the cards to fall out and this is the case even with just a single card. One other important feature of the wallet is that it has a protective RFID blocking layer in the pocket fabric. This prevents identity thieves from scanning and stealing information from your cards without your knowledge.

If you are interested in the p-Bag, head on over to the Kickstarter campaign page and pledge your support. If you are quick, you can grab one at a considerable discount with free worldwide shipping. The wallet will be made available in 10 different colors.

Where to Buy p-Bag NanoSuction Wallet

p-Bag NanoSuction Wallet

Securely store your cards with p-BAG with RFID fraud protection, the first cell phone case with removable and reusable NanoSuction adhesion.

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