If you are planning to do some cross border travelling, it is usually a good idea to keep all your important travel documents together with your cash and cards. Even better, keep everything in a slim passport wallet and you can slip that into your front pocket to deter pickpockets. If you are a fan of Mr. Lentz’s cowboy quality wallets, you will no doubt be thrilled to find out that there is a Mr. Lentz Passport Wallet that is designed for this purpose.

The Mr. Lentz Passport Wallet features the same rugged but simple cowboy wallet design as his other wallets. It has that same everlasting full-grain vegetable-tanned leather held together with solid brass rivets. The leather is dyed and conditioned using Mr. Lentz own handmade dyes and conditioner. The leather may feel a little stiff at first but it softens with use.

As usual, Mr. Lentz throws in a small tin of the conditioner. Just give the leather a good rub and buff every year and your Mr. Lentz wallet will last a lifetime. In fact, Mr. Lentz throws in a 100 year warranty against defects with every wallet he sells.

The big difference between the Mr. Lentz Passport Wallet and his other wallets is of course its size. Since it has to fit a passport in there, it is about 50% larger than a normal wallet. While it is big, it is still pretty slim and will still easily slip into a front pocket. The passport slips into the specially designed slot on the right of the opened wallet. Other items like a boarding pass or hotel reservation can slip in here as well.

There are two card slots on the left side, each will hold 2 to 3 cards. That isn’t much but when travelling you only need a couple of credit cards at most. The other two essential travel cards are probably a hotel door card and a metro pass card. Cash can be stored in the enormous cash pocket. You don’t have to worry about foreign currency not being able to fit in this slot.

Each Mr. Lentz Passport Wallet is made to order and each wallet is handmade in Mr. Lentz’s own workshop. As the wallets are not mass produced, each wallet will be unique in its own way. The leather may feature unique markings due to scarring, welts and brand marks on the cow’s skin. Furthermore, each wallet carries a unique sequential serial number.

Where to Buy Mr. Lentz Passport Wallet

Mr. Lentz Passport Wallet

The Mr. Lentz Passport Wallet is the lightest and slimmest way to carry your passport, a few cards and your cash all in one spot.

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