If you are looking for a metal plate type of slim wallet that you can customize to your heart’s content, the Minimo Aluminum Slim Wallet is the wallet for you. The Minimo Wallet is made up of 2 thin pieces of aluminum plates held together with a silicone elastic band. There is also an additional 3rd plate that acts as a divider for you to organize your wallet’s content. This extra plate is included with the wallet but whether you want to use it is entirely up to you.

As for the customizing part, every single component of the Minimo Aluminum Slim Wallet is available in 14 different colors except for the band which comes in 15 different colors. According to Minimo’s designer, this gives a possibility of over 20,000 color combinations. We just have to take his word for it because we all flunk our statistics.

The metal plates used in the Minimo is made from aluminum that are anodized to create the different shades. Anodized plates are scratch resistant and maintain their luster for a long time. The Minimo can comfortable hold up to 10 cards plus a few notes but since it uses an elastic band, it can hold more if necessary. However, over stretching the silicone band may cause it to lose its elasticity over time.

The use of aluminum plates also mean that the Minimo Aluminum Slim Wallet also protects your cards from ID theft using RFID readers. The outer plates are also designed with a slight convex to make it easier for inserting cards into the wallet by creating a slight gap.

To select a single card from the wallet, just push out the cards using one of the 2 notches in the plates and then squeeze the other end to fan out all your cards. Just pick the card you need. To replace the card in the wallet, just do the same.

The Minimo Aluminum Slim Wallet is the result of a successful Kickstarter project. You can now buy your own Minimo wallet directly from Minimo’s online store. The store comes with a tool that lets you select the colors of the components and preview how the completed wallet looks like.

Where to Buy Minimo Aluminum Slim Wallet

Minimo Aluminum Slim Wallet

The Minimo is a stylish wallet made up of three metal plates held together by a silicone band and can be put together into thousands of color combinations!

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