Minimalism is a lifestyle choice. To lead a true minimalist lifestyle means to be minimal in every sense of the word including minimal impact to the environment. Hence being minimalist also means being eco-friendly and the Minimal Wallet from The Minimal Wallet Company truly embraces the minimalist lifestyle.

The Minimal Wallet is made from 100% recyclable paper. Not just a material that feels like paper, but actual paper. Of course, you would have probably guessed by now that it is no ordinary paper. The wallet uses durable, water resistant, and stain repellent specialty paper. As to what kind of paper it is exactly, unfortunately, The Minimal Wallet Company is not saying.

What is even more amazing is that the Minimal Wallet is held together with cellophane. Again, it is no ordinary cellophane but a special 100% biodegradable cellophane made from over 50% plant based materials. There are no stitches but parts of the wallet are cleverly constructed using folds and cuts. Very few wallets can claim to be functional works of art like the Minimal Wallet can.

For a wallet that fully embraces minimalism, it is ironically less strict on the items that it can store compared to other minimalist wallets. The wallet has 2 external slots for cards plus one more on the inside. Each slot can hold 2 cards but it will cause irreversible stretching and the slot can no longer be used to hold a single card securely. There is a pocket for storing loose change or you can use it to store a few more cards, receipts or anything else. Not many slim wallets allow you to carry coins as coins are often regarded as non-essential and should be gotten rid of. Last but not least, there is a main compartment for your notes.

Each Minimal Wallet is meticulously hand made and is available in 7 different colors.

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The Minimal Wallet

The Minimal Wallet fits right into your clutter free way of life. Made from recyclable paper, it is designed to feel right at home in your front pocket.

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