We slim wallets users love the slim profiles of our wallets. For the more fashion conscious among us, ugly bulges are definitely a big no-no. Imagine wearing an impeccable, tailored suit only to have its sharp, straight silhouette ruined by the bulge from a fat wallet. Therefore, the minimalist wallet should be the best friend of every well dressed gentleman. Any slim wallet will do actually but if you are looking for one that is designed to slip perfectly into the back pocket of your favorite pair of denim to the your jacket’s inner pocket to the breast pocket, look no further than the Maverick Wallet.

The Maverick Wallet is a leather slim wallet designed by Sebastien Grey, a NYC clothier specializing in English tailoring for the modern American man. For years, Sebastien Grey have been tailoring great suits for their clients that unfortunately couldn’t hide their wallets that kept bulging out no matter where they put them. That is when they decided to come up with the perfect slim wallet that is specifically designed to solve this problem.

The Maverick is made from luxurious vegetable-tanned leather and has a super slim profile. Its 2 card slots can hold a total of 8 cards plus 8 folded bills. There is also a pocket in the center that can hold a few coins and a small key. Just below the pocket opening are a couple of notches and an elastic band right under them. You can wrap your earbud wires around the notches and tuck the buds under the band to hold them securely. You can then tuck the Maverick into any pocket in your pants or jacket, sans the ugly bulge.

But wait, there is more. For the discerning gentleman, Sebastien Grey also came up with 2 optional accessories for the Maverick, the Wipe Away and the Joey. The Wipe Away is a piece of round cloth that is better known as the pocket round or pocket square. For the less fashion aware, that’s the piece of cloth that you see sticking out from front breast pocket of a gentleman’s jacket. It’s a mostly decorative piece but you can use it for wiping your glasses or your phone’s screen.

The Joey is an accessory which you attach the Wipe Away to. The Wipe Away has a button at its center and you can button it to one of the button cut outs on the Joey thus allowing you to adjust the height of the pocket round. You can use the Joey and Wipe Away on its on or you can tuck the Joey into the center pocket of the Maverick wallet.

With the Maverick and the Joey plus Wipe Away, not only can you now carry your wallet without creating embarrassing bulges, it also adds a visual accent to your jacket, all in one neat package.

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Maverick Wallet

The Maverick Wallet by Sebastien Grey is the minimalist wallet for the discerning and smart dressed gentleman.

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