The Machine Era Wallet by Adam Hogsett of Machine Era Co. is yet another successfully funded minimalist wallet project on Kickstarter. Its design is based on the metal plate plus elastic band model but unlike most similar designs, the Machine Era Wallet uses just one metal plate instead of the more common double plate design.

Made from anodized 6061 high grade aluminum, the Machine Era Slim Wallet is sleek and ultra light. It features a black anodize coating which makes the metal surface durable, corrosion resistant plus it provides better grip. With a back wall thickness of 0.065,” this gives the wallet optimum stiffness strength while adding minimal overall thickness. You don’t have to worry that the wallet bends out of shape if placed in your back pocket.

The Machine Era Slim Wallet weighs only 1.3 oz making it one of the lightest slim wallet we have reviewed. Using just a single plate has helped to keep its overall weight down. Made in the USA, the metal plate provides RFID protection and prevent data stored on your NFC enabled cards from being stolen by identity thieves. However, since this wallet uses a single plate design, in order for the RFID protection to work, the NFC cards have to be placed on the inner side and the metal plate has to face outside when placed in your pocket.

The Machine Era Slim Wallet securely holds 2 – 6 cards plus a wad of cash. It measures 3.65” long and 2.48” wide, which is just slightly larger than a credit card. All edges are chamfered or rounded so that there are no sharp edges that cuts your hand or pocket. The notches at the center of the metal plate holds the elastic band in place.

Cash needs to be trifolded to fit in the wallet so this reduces the amount of cash that you can carry. On the other hand, metal plate slim wallets are primarily designed for carrying cards and it has always been more of a hassle to carry cash in such wallets.

The Machine Era Slim Wallet may be simple but it is functional and its black anodized metal plate plus the elastic band gives it a rugged look. It is the product of months and months of testing and prototyping. Cash and cards are easily strapped to the back or front and they can be removed easily as well.

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Machine Era Slim Wallet

The Machine Era Slim Wallet is sleek, ultra light, and barely noticeable in your pocket.

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