The Key2Wallet is yet another product that is not a wallet but rather a wallet accessory that is designed and targeted at slim wallet users. Now that we have banished our keys from our slim wallets, what is the best way to carry your keys with you? The standard way would be to carry all your keys on a keychain. But keychains have their own set of problems including noisy jingling when you move and stray keys that poke your skin.

Euclid Design Studio has come up with a solution that lets you carry your keys without creating any noise or cause you any unnecessary pain. The Key2Wallet is a leather key organizer that holds 4 small keys plus it can fit inside the credit card pocket of any wallet.

It may sound counter intuitive since we chose to discard the keys in the first place but the Key2Wallet gives a choice to slim wallet users. While a handful of minimalist wallets includes storage for keys, most wallets don’t. If you really want to carry keys in your wallet, your choice of wallets is limited. With the Key2Wallet, it is now possible to do so with your favorite slim wallet.

The Key2Wallet comes with a set of 10 hook buttons that you can attach to your keys. The buttons lets you securely attach keys and other small objects like a USB flash drive to the key wallet. In fact you can even attach a money clip using a hook button and the key wallet can function as a wallet on its own. Of course, with larger items, the key wallet may no longer fit inside a slim wallet. Each hook button is strong enough to support up to 2.2 lb (1 kg) of weight.

The Key2Wallet is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo. For as low as $22, you can get the wallet which includes free worldwide shipping. You can choose between the Classic version or the Hand Sewn one.

Where to Buy Key2Wallet


Key2Wallet is the minimalistic, stylish fashion accessory to carry your keys that fits in any slim wallet.

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