The Keplero Carbon Fiber Wallet looks a lot like a metal plate wallet but that where any similarity with any other wallet ends. As its name suggests, the Keplero Carbon Fiber Wallet is not made from metal but carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is thinner and lighter but stronger than steel. The ideal material for a wallet that you want to be as light and thin as possible.

At first glance, the Keplero Carbon Fiber Wallet does look very much like a stack of cards stacked between two sheets of carbon fiber. However, a closer look will reveal that there is no elastic band of any kind holding the wallet together. This is because the wallet parts are held together using magnets on one end of the wallet. The magnet acts like a hinge allowing you to fan out the wallet with just one hand.

Fanning the wallet also reveals that the Keplero Carbon Fiber Wallet is not made up of just 2 sheets of carbon fiber but 4. The top and bottom plates of the wallet each has a recess on the inner side that holds a card. The two center cards each has two recesses, one on each side of the plate and each recess can store a single card. In total, the Keplero Carbon Fiber Wallet can hold 6 cards.

However, the design of the Keplero Carbon Fiber Wallet card holding plates is fully modular. You can remove one or two of the center plates to reduce the size of your wallet if you don’t need to carry so many cards. Since the wallet plates are only held together using magnets, customizing the size of your wallet simply means taking out the plate that you don’t need.

And if you need to carry some cash, the bottom plate has a money clip for stashing a few bank notes. Last but not least, the Keplero Carbon Fiber Wallet has RFID blocking capabilities keeping your NFC capable cards safe and sound from identity thieves.

Like many successful slim wallet designs out there, the Keplero Carbon Fiber Wallet is starting out by seeking funding on a crowd funding site. At the time of writing, the wallet has already reached its funding goal and is expected to start shipping to backers from Oct 2015 onward. There are a few design options available from the plain vanilla model with no frills and no customization to the $2900 Exclusive Edition that has an 18k gold plaque and 3 certified diamonds.

Where to Buy Keplero Carbon Fiber Wallet

Keplero Carbon Fiber Wallet

The Keplero Carbon Fiber Wallet is the first magnetic Luxury Wallet made of pure carbon fiber that is super thin, light and strong.

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