While the use of metal parts in the construction of minimalist wallets is quite common, it is not very often that we get to see a metal wallet with mechanical parts. The Kallet Swipe & Auto-return Wallet is a slim wallet that has a rather cool opening mechanism that requires just a simple flick of the hand. What is even cooler is that the mechanism automatically closes the opened wallet on its own.

Minimalist wallets are usually indiscreet and well concealed. However, when taken out in the open, they often become the focus of attention and they make a statement about your lifestyle because of their uniqueness. If you are looking for a wallet that gets instant attention the moment you take it out of your pocket, the Kallet Swipe & Auto-return Wallet is it.

Besides the mesmerizing swipe and auto-return mechanism, there are a few other tricks up this wallet’s sleeve. The Kallet Swipe & Auto-return Wallet has two compartments for storing cards and cash. You don’t have to store your cash between cards like many metal wallet designs and the compartments are designed to hold cash securely on its own.


Each Kallet also comes with a removable drawer. The drawer fits and takes up space in one of the card slots. It allows you to keep small loose items such as spare change or a memory card. The drawer slides out and retracts for easy access to the items stored inside. It does reduce the number of cards that you can store in the wallet but it is a nice to have option. If you don’t need it, just remove it.

The Kallet Swipe & Auto-return Wallet is constructed from brushed stainless steel plates that is both durable plus it gives the wallet that stylish and elegant look. The use of stainless steel plates also gives the wallet the added feature of having RFID blocking.

The Kallet Swipe & Auto-return Wallet is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo. You can help make the Kallet a reality by pledging for a wallet of your very own in the campaign page.

Where to Buy Kallet Swipe & Auto-return Wallet

Kallet Swipe & Auto-return Wallet

The Kallet is the world's sleekest minimalist wallet, featuring an intuitive Swipe & Auto-return mechanism.

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