At a glance the Invisible Wallet may look like just another plate wallet with a couple of aluminum plates and an elastic band. However looks can be deceiving because while the Invisible Wallet looks like an ordinary plate wallet (well, as ordinary as a plate wallet can get compared to your bulky classic leather wallet), and it functions pretty much like one, it has some pretty unique features that makes it stand out from most other plate wallets out there.

First of all, the Invisible Wallet is not just a wallet. It comes with so many options and add-ons (some are included, others are available as add-ons that can be bought separately), it is a whole slim wallet ecosystem. What we like about this is that this gives users unprecedented flexibility on how they want to customize and use their Invisible Wallet. We are not just talking about different color plates and elastic bands which is usually what is offered as “options” for other plate wallets but that is available as well with the Invisible Wallet.

The options available for the Invisible Wallet ranges from an 8GB USB flash drive that conviniently resides in a cut-out on one of the metal plates and securely held in place by the elastic band, to a special KeyCoin plastic plate that like the name suggests can be used to hold a small key and a couple of coins, to a central plate that allows you to organize the wallet a little better by separating it into 2 compartments. There are other fun add-ons as well such as a card that unfolds origami-like into a pocket knife and a pair of reading glasses that folds flat and fits into the Invisible Wallet.

This means that you can keep things simple and as slim as possible by just using the 2 outer plates and the elastic band to hold everything together. If you like to keep things better organized, you can add the central plate. If you’re going for a run and would like a safe place to keep your house key, you can add the KeyCoin plate. Since the Invisible Wallet uses metal plates, it also provides protection against RFID skimming.

Another feature of the Invisible Wallet that is rather cool is what is officially known as the “opposite levers engine”. There is a slight outward bent on the bottom third of the two outer plates. To remove your content from the wallet, just push out the cards using the cut out notch at the bottom and then gently squeeze the bottom third. This causes the cards in the wallet to fan out thus making it a little easier to pick the card that you want.

Other well thought out features include small but much appreciated features such as a hole for attaching a lanyard or a carabiner loop so that you can attach your wallet to a keychain or use a carabiner to safely hook it to your belt or backpack. There is also a notch on the wallet that allows you to use it as an emergency smartphone stand.  It is possible swipe the magnetic strip on a card without pulling it completely out of the wallet but you need to remember to place the card with the strip facing upwards.

In the promotional video above, it is noted that you can open the wallet using just one hand. We have to admit that it is not as easy as it looks and we ended using a different method but with a little practice, it is possible to do so. In case you are wondering, our method involves grasping the sides of the wallet with our thumb and middle finger, and pushing the cards out using the index finger. However, we find that this works best if you do not have too many cards in the wallet; like six or less cards. If you have too many cards, squeezing the bottom too hard may cause the cards to jump out of the wallet if you are not careful.

For minimalist wallet first timers, moving from a classic fat wallet to a plate type wallet is quite a drastic change. However, the Invisible Wallet makes that move a little easier by allowing newbies to keep items such as keys and coins in the wallet – 2 items that usually have no place in a minimalist wallet. You can also add additional central plates to keep your wallet organized. These optional accessories do add on to the overall bulk of the wallet but they can be removed as you get more used to a minimalist lifestyle. This makes the Invisible Wallet a good fit for both beginner and seasoned slim wallet users.

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Invisible Wallet

The Invisible Wallet is a minimalist wallet, extra light and thin for a dynamic lifestyle, designed for those who want to bring along only the essentials. It is more than just a slim wallet. It is a whole wallet eco-system.

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