Looking for a wallet that combines the elegant looks of a classic leather sleeve wallet with the minimalism and benefits of a front pocket slim wallet? Look no further as the Huskk Slim Card Sleeve Wallet may be exactly what you are looking for. This beautiful looking leather sleeve wallet from Huskk is made from 100% vegetable tanned premium Italian leather and features classic British craftsmanship that absolutely oozes with style and luxury.

The Huskk Slim Card Sleeve Wallet features a simple 3 compartment design. The two outer compartments have a slanted opening which makes it easier to thumb out the stored card or cash. Therefore, it is suitable for storing your most often used cards for easy and quick access. If you have any RFID enabled cards that you use on a frequent basis, you may also want to store them in the outer pockets. These pockets are not RFID protected so the cards may be used without removing the cards from the pocket.

The middle pocket is rather large and can store a total of 6 cards. It does get a little tight when it is filled to the brim but thankfully, Huskk has implemented one of our best loved features on a slim wallet – the pull tab. Even when full, a quick tug at the pull tab is all you need to push all your cards out from the center pocket. You can then easily pick the card that you want. Pushing the remaining cards back in the wallet also retracts the strap.

Cash can either be stored in the outer pockets or in the center pocket. We prefer using the outer pockets as it is easier to access. Please note that you can probably store a couple cards more in the center pocket by stretching the leather a little bit. However, once overstretched, the leather will not restore to its original shape. This is fine if you intend to store the same number of cards at all times. Otherwise the compartment will be loose and cards may fall out.

Huskk uses leather that are dyed using plant based dyes. Compared to chemical dyes, leather tanned with plant based dyes are stronger and has a very distinct and pleasant earthy fragrance. Needless to say, it is also better for you and the environment.

The Huskk Slim Card Sleeve Wallet is available is 5 different shades.

Where to Buy Huskk Slim Card Sleeve Wallet

Huskk Slim Card Sleeve Wallet

The Huskk Slim Card Sleeve Wallet combines minimalism with classic style. It is best for carrying a few bills and up to 8 cards.

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Huskk Card Sleeve Case Leather Wallet

Made to satisfy your need for functionality and convenience, the Huskk Card Sleeve Case leather wallet features a minimalist style.

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Buy from Amazon.co.uk

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