With minimalist wallets, there is often a compromise between a thin wallet and the ability to organize your wallet properly. After all, more compartments to organize your wallet content usually means a more layers and hence a fatter wallet. The Frenchie Wallet is a brand new wallet from a small company known as The Frenchie Co. that tries to address this problem by striking a balance between the two.

The wallet comes in a plain but stylish looking black box that has a small logo of the company on one of the corners. What we were not prepared for is when the flap is opened, the wallet pops up like a children’s pop-up book. For something that will most likely be thrown out within minutes of being opened, the designers have spent a lot of effort and detail on this. As we would find out later, this attention to detail and quality permeates through to the wallet as well.

The Frenchie Wallet is absolutely gorgeous and the two-toned high quality natural leather just oozes with quality. The thing that really caught our eye are the cards that have been inserted into each of the card slots. Instead of just the usual advertisement, thank you note or discount vouchers that we expected to find, each card has actually been customized to let the user know the recommended number of cards to place in the particular slot plus notes on any special features. Bravo to the Frenchie Co team for their thoughtfulness.

The Frenchie Wallet is far from being the thinnest wallet available out there but considering the number of features and the number of cards and bills it can hold, it is quite a feat to keep its thickness at only 8mm. The Frenchie Wallet has two distinctive features that make it stand out from most leather slim wallets.

The first is its easy access to cash stored in the wallet. Just open the outer flap and not only can you access to your stored bills, you can even easily ruffle through your bills and extract the ones you want. Functionally, it works similarly to a spring loaded money clip but the Frenchie Wallet’s solution is much more elegant. It also feels much more secure than a money clip plus slim wallets that don’t require us to fold our cash before inserting into the wallet have always been a big plus to us. Also, check out the video below on how quickly you can access your cash without fully opening the wallet.

The second interesting feature are the pull tabs. There are two card slots that comes with a pull tab for quickly extracting the stored cards from the wallet. Just give the card slot pull tab a tug and you have instant access to your most important cards – without opening the wallet at all. Each of the pull tab slots hold up to 3 cards while a third card pocket holds up to 6 cards.

The card slots with the pull tabs are RFID protected while the 6 card pocket is not. This gives you the best of both worlds. For example, you can keep your RFID metro pass in the non-protected slot while keeping your credit cards in the protected compartments.

Last but not least, the wallet closes magnetically which we felt is a very nice touch and we really liked the fact that the wallet stay closed when left on its own. However, if you fully load the wallet, the magnetic strength is insufficient to keep the wallet closed although once you have broken in the wallet a bit, it most likely will work better.

The Frenchie Wallet is a remarkably well designed wallet and it is one of the best we have ever tested. The only slight drawback about the wallet is that it is a bit thicker than the usual slim wallets due to the tri-fold design. If the overall wallet thickness is not your number one concern, this wallet gets our nod as one of the top wallets to consider.

Where to Buy Frenchie Wallet

Frenchie Wallet

The Frenchie Wallet features a quick access cash slot plus a card slot with a pull tab for access to your cards without even opening the wallet.

Buy from The Frenchie Co.

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