The EZGO (pronounced “Easy Go”) Men’s Wallet is one of the more non-conventional minimalist wallet that we have come across. This is mainly because this wallet is made from strong, flexible, and polished low density polyethylene. While we have seen other wallets made from plastic, but this is the first one that is made from flexible plastic instead of the usual hard plastic.

At 0.08 oz, it is probably one of the lightest wallets around. Despite being slim and trim, it can carry most of the things that you will need on a daily basis including a couple of less common items like one standard SD and two micro SD memory cards giving you over 96 GB of digital storage for photos, music, videos, and other digital media you desire.

The EZGO Men’s Wallet is thinner than its contents. The other unique feature of the wallet is that it floats on water and dries easily making it the ideal slim wallet for the water sports enthusiast or activities like fishing and skiing. This wallet is completely buoyant with a wedge insert. Two wedges are included with each wallet. The wedge can be removed to make the wallet less bulky when you don’t need this buoyancy feature.

It has enough room for 1 to 8 cards. Up to 4 cards can be stored securely on each side of the wallet. It can easily hold 12 to 15 bills. The wallet has a V-shaped cutout at the top which makes it easy to remove the cards and cash.  Amazingly, it can hold just 1 card and 1 bill securely without falling out from the wallet no matter how hard you shake the wallet. Yet at the same time  you only need one hand to slide cards in and out. The EZGO is an amazing feat of design and engineering.

The EZGO Men’s Wallet is easy to slip in and out of your pockets, both front and back. Once in your pocket, you would barely notice it is there. Made 100% in Northwest USA, this wallet is comfortable to wear and has a patent pending. The EZGO is available in a wide variety of colors including glow-in-the-dark ones. It is convenient to use and makes a great giveaway for sporty individuals. The EZGO was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2013.

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EZGO Men's Wallet

The EZGO Men's Wallet is the minimalist wallet that is so light and slim, it even floats in water while fully loaded with 8 cards and 15 bills.

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