The simplest slim wallet design is nothing more than just an elastic band that holds your cash and card together. There are quite a few minimalist wallets that uses this basic design and it works rather well as far as keeping your wallet thin and simple. However, it also means that there is very little you can do when it comes to keeping your wallet organized as everything is just stored together. The Elephant E8 Wallet uses the elastic band design but introduces a couple of design innovation to allow you to both organize your wallet plus hold a few coins as well.

The Elephant E8 Wallet adds a few folds into the elastic band creating 3 “virtual” compartments for you to organize your cards and cash. For example, you can store your most often used cards in the top compartment, less used cards in the bottom compartment and then stash your cash in the space created by the two stacks of cards.

The biggest advantage of using an elastic band type wallet is that the wallet can greatly expand to fit all your cards and cash. The Elephant E8 Wallet can easily hold 10 cards and 10 bills. On the other hand, it can also just as securely hold just a single card.

The other trick up the Elephant E8 Wallet’s sleeve is that there are a couple of smaller pockets that are designed to securely hold some spare change. Not many slim wallets are designed to hold coins as they add unnecessary bulk to the wallet plus they drop out easily. In fact you are not limited to just coins. You can use it to store small keys, receipts, pieces of paper or even a small pencil for emergencies.

The lack of compartments to sort out your cards means that searching for the right card can be cumbersome but the designer of the wallet has included a video below that shows how you can with a little practice, fan out the cards in the wallet and select the one you are looking for without removing all the cards from the wallet.

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Elephant E8 Wallet

The Elephant E8 Wallet consists of an elastic band. Holds 10 cards plus 10 bills in the center. 2 extra pockets for spare change, keys or other small items.

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