One of the great things about minimalist wallets is how wallet designers come out with creative wallet designs that really challenge most people’s perception of what a wallet looks like. The Ebax Wallet is a new elastic type sleeve wallet that gives the usually drab wallet a fresh new look by using bright, vibrant colors. While colorful wallets or wallets using an elastic band are not new, we really liked the way the designers have come up with new ideas on how to make use of the wallet and how to carry it with you.

The Ebax Wallet is primarily a wallet made from a wide elastic band. It has 3 different compartments for organizing your wallet content. The main compartment is the center elastic slot. This would be where you store most of your cards. In addition, there are 2 additional compartments made from colorful fabric on either side of the wallet. These compartments are more like straps, rather than pockets. You can use your finger and push through one end and your card pops out the other end. It is easier and quicker to push out the contents than to pull something out from a tight elastic pocket.

The outer slots can be used to carry other items like triple-folded cash or your favorite pair of earphones. However, their main purpose is for storing cards that you use frequently as they are easier to access compared to the center compartment.

Up to this point, the Ebax Wallet is more or less similar to most other elastic band wallets that we have seen. What sets it apart from other wallets is that you can flip the band inside out and you get one big compartment. The outer card slots now become snug sleeve compartments that are accessible from either side. It is almost like having two wallets in one.

But wait, the innovation doesn’t stop there. Since the outer card slots are open ended, you can use one of them to attach your wallet to your belt by looping your belt through the slot. Since the Ebax Wallet is now part of your belt, you can be assured you won’t lose your wallet by dropping it or losing it to a pickpocket.

The Ebax Wallet is one of the slimmest and lightest wallet out there due to its simple but effective design. However, since it uses an elastic band, you can easily hold 6 – 10 cards and perhaps even more although things might get a little tight and a little harder to access. If you are looking for a slim wallet that is both fun looking and versatile, you should consider the Ebax Wallet.

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Ebax Wallet

Ebax Wallet makes bulky wallets a thing of the past. Comes with 3 pockets for organizing your contents and for attaching to your belt.

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