One of the most popular minimalist or slim wallet design is the use of two thin metal plates roughly the size of a credit card to sandwich cards and bills. The plates are usually held together with a band of some kind. While the Decadent Minimalist One Aluminum Wallet or DM1 is made from metal, it departs from the metal plate sandwich design by having no other parts except for the aluminum frame wallet itself.

The biggest advantage of not needing an elastic or Velcro band is of course you will never ever need to replace the band. No matter how tough or durable the bands used, they will eventually break or lose their elasticity and will need to be replaced. The DM1 is designed to require no elastic band at all as the cards are held in place by the frame of the wallet itself.

The Decadent Minimalist One Aluminum Wallet is machined out from a solid aluminum block. It has a “U” shape and it holds anywhere between 1 to 8 cards. Because of the wallet’s shape, both sides of the wallet are exposed and it is ideal for storing ID cards that can be viewed without removing them from the wallet. Although it is made from aluminium, there is no RFID blocking because both sides of the wallet are exposed so you can use the wallet with building access cards, again without removing them.

Looking at the design of the wallet, it may be hard to understand how the Decadent Minimalist One Aluminum Wallet can hold a single card without it falling out. The secret lies in the the two little rounded detents at the end of the 2 metal arms. When you insert in a card, there is an audible click as the detents snap into place and holds the single card in place.

For bills and receipts, they can be stored in the Decadent Minimalist One wallet by inserting them in between two cards. This method works fine except that it is a little bit of a hassle to get the bills out of the wallet. If you handle cash a lot, a better idea would be to add on the optional money clip.

The money clip snaps into the wallet like a card and you can add two clips for holding 2 types of currency when you travel for example. Remove both clips or just keep one when you return. Adding in a money clip does reduce the number of cards you can insert into the wallet. The money clip option gives the user the versatility on how the Decadent Minimalist One is utilized and provides for some user customization. The money clip is available in both stainless steel and titanium versions.

The only disadvantage of the DM1 compared to a double metal plate wallet is that the wallet does not expand or shrink according to the number of cards inserted into the wallet. Users who only need to carry just one or two cards plus a little cash may find the 8-card wallet a little too thick. There may also be users who require storage for more than just 8 cards. For these users, they want to consider the 4-card or the larger 12-card versions of the Decadent Minimalist One instead. Both versions are exactly the same as the standard 8-card version except for its thickness.

All 3 models are available in a variety of colors and finishing from black to gold and from a matte hard anodized finish to a bright and shiny nickel plated finishing that will be available soon. Decadent Minimalist One designer Erik Moon was kind enough to send us a prototype of the new nickel plated version and lets just say that if you like bright shiny things, you will really love this new finishing option. The other color options that will be available soon are the DM1 Titanium and DM1 Carbon Fiber.

The Decadent Minimalist One Aluminum Wallet is the result of a highly successful Kickstarter project.

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Decadent Minimalist One Aluminum Wallet

Decadent Minimalist One: A truly minimalist, precision crafted, wallet machined from a single billet of aircraft-grade aluminum.

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Decadent Minimalist One Aluminum Wallet

Decadent Minimalist One: A truly minimalist, precision crafted, wallet machined from a single billet of aircraft-grade aluminum

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