The Dash 4.0 is an updated version of the Dash wallet we reviewed previously. Well, it seems that the older Dash wallet that we reviewed was actually the Dash 3.0 so we did not miss out on some Dash wallets along the way. The new Dash wallet holds true to the company’s mantra of producing stylish and affordable slim wallets that allow users to quickly access their cards by incorporating easy access slots.

Actually, the new Dash 4.0 looks fairly much like the older Dash 2.0 wallet with the main difference being that they have added RFID blocking features to the new wallet. RFID is a convenient feature used by “contactless cards” that lets you make use of your credit card by just touching on a terminal or to enter a building by just tapping on the sensor. However, this feature also puts the card user at security risk as someone with the right equipment can just as easily steal your personal info from your cards by just tapping on your wallet while it is still in your pocket or a bag.

RFID blocking prevents this from happening by blocking the signals from the chip on the card. This is however a double-edged sword as you can now no longer able to just make use of your RFID card by tapping your wallet on the card reader. You will actually have to remove the card from your wallet.

The Dash 4.0 wallet has a feature that is a compromise between safety and convenience. The wallet itself has RFID blocking but there is a quick access slot with a thumb slot window that you can use to quickly push out the card from the slot to expose the embedded chip in order for the card to work on a reader. This is perfect for door access cards or “pay wave” type payment cards.

On the other hand, if you have an RFID card with a magnetic strip that you need to swipe on a frequent basis, the Dash 4.0 wallet is also available with a horizontal slot instead of a vertical slot. With the horizontal slot, when you thumb out the card from the quick access slot, the magnetic strip is exposed and you can make a quick swipe without removing the card from the slot.

Besides the quick access slot, there is another card pocket on the other side of the wallet. The pocket is made from elastic material and it is designed to hold anywhere from 1 to 15 cards. And in between the two card slots there is a pass-through compartment that you can use to store a wad of folded cash. It is purposely left as an open slot so that you can easily push out the cash from one end through to the other end.

The Dash 4.0 wallet is made from a combination of saffiano pressed canvas and an elastic fabric for the flexible pocket. The canvas material has a texture that provides the wallet with a nice grip. It also provides just the right amount of friction to keep the cards and cash in place that they do not fall out even when you shake the wallet vigorously but yet slide out easily when needed. The use of canvas and fabric also allows the Dash wallet to be sold at a very affordable price point compared to leather or even metal wallets.

Last but not least, if RFID blocking is not a concern for you or if you prefer the convenience of leaving your cards in your wallet when using RFID enabled cards, there is also a version of the Dash 4.0 without the RFID blocking feature.

Where to Buy Dash 4.0 RFID Blocking Wallet

Dash 4.0 RFID Blocking Wallet

The Dash 4.0 Wallet helps to keep your bulk to an absolute minimum. The perfect credit card wallet for men. Carry what you need and access it easily.

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