Credit card sized multitools are quite a big thing among EDC (Every Day Carry) enthusiasts. We have also seen credit card multitools that also double up as plate wallets by adding an elastic band. The Dango Tactical EDC Wallet is also a plate-style minimalist wallet but what makes it different from other multitool wallets is the fact that the multitool has been designed to integrate with the wallet instead of just being a tool that is stored in the wallet itself.

Firstly, we must say that we really liked the look of the Dango Tactical EDC Wallet. It has a frame and a back plate that are made from aerospace grade aluminum. To soften the look a little plus to give it a touch of class, a piece of top grain leather has been mounted on the aluminum frame using steel screws. What you get is a rather elegant design that combines cool but the harsh looks of an all-metal wallet with the more familiar leather that we normally associate with a wallet.

The additional aluminum back plate functions as a divider. Together with the leather sheet that comes with a card pocket of its own, you have several separate compartments for storing and organizing your cards and cash. Plate wallets can store a lot of cards but it usually means putting all of them together which makes finding the card that you want an issue. With the Dango Tactical EDC Wallet, you can store up to 8 cards next to the aluminum back plate plus another 4 cards in the leather compartment. Cash can be slipped under the elastic band. The use of aluminum plates also has the extra benefit of making the wallet RFID safe.

The aluminum multitool has over 14 built-in functions. It has a knife, a serrated saw edge, a box cutter, a can opener, 3 different hex wrenches, a ruler, a smartphone stand, a flat head screwdriver, a bottle cap opener plus a few other functions. However, as hinted earlier, the multitool is not just a stand-alone tool that is included with the wallet. For example, you can pull out the tool slightly from the wallet frame and locking it securely in place by using the index point tabs built into the tool and wallet frame. This juts out the knife and serrated edges. You can then use the wallet itself as a solid grip surface as you use the cutting edges. The leather surface and the elastic band work to give you a stronger and more comfortable grip and to exert more force as needed.

To give even better grip, you can pull the tool out further and snap into the second set of index tabs. This gives you a grip handle with knuckle clearance that you can slip your entire hand through to give you an even stronger grip.

We felt that the Dango Tactical EDC Wallet is more versatile and functional as a multitool compared to many other multitool wallets that include a credit card tool. This is primarily due to the ability to use the wallet body itself for better grip and to exert more strength. Another advantage of the design is that you can make the wallet TSA compliant by removing the card tool and checking it together with your check-in luggage. This is something that you cannot do with multitool wallets where the tool is part of the wallet itself.

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Dango Tactical EDC Wallet

The Dango Tactical EDC Wallet with over 14 functions is designed for the outdoor enthusiast who loves keeping things clean and have tools easily accessible.

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