Most minimalist wallet users pare down to the bare minimum of a few important cards and minimal cash. Other items that normally fatten up a wallet like coins and keys just have to go. However, what if you cannot do without a few keys? One way is to keep your keys separately on a key chain. For those living a minimalist lifestyle, the Clover Wallet is the more elegant solution.

The Clover Wallet is a clever design that combines a plate wallet with a unique key holder that is integrated into the wallet itself. To be honest, if you need just 1 or 2 keys, it is probably a better idea to just to store them separately. But if you have more than that, the Clover Wallet is a smart way to store and organize your keys, up to 8 of them.

The wallet itself is made from aircraft grade 6061 Aluminum with an elastic band for holding its contents in place. The metal is anodized for both aesthetics and also for protection. As with all aluminum wallets, the wallet offers RFID protection but since the wallet only has a single plate, the protection is only on one side. This means that you need to make sure the key holder side is facing out when you place the wallet in your pocket and you are not really assured of protection when you just throw it in a bag.

The wallet is designed to hold 2 to 6 cards plus up to 25 bills folded in half. Cards can be easily extracted from the wallet with just a simple push of your thumb against the side of the wallet. Cards slide back in with just as ease.

Another thing to take note of is that some assembly is required to insert your keys into the Clover Wallet. The necessary screws and washers are provided. Spacers are also included if you are not using exactly 4 or 8 keys. However, this also means that you cannot easily remove and insert keys into the wallet. If you have a key that you need to regularly remove, you won’t be able to do that.

For those who can live with the few minor limitations of the Clover Wallet, it is a great way to keep both your wallet and your keys in one small and compact device. We have not mention one other advantage of using the Clover Wallet – no more jingling of keys in your pocket.

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Clover Wallet

The Clover Wallet is a everyday carry RFID protecting wallet that allows you to carry all your cards, cash,and up to 8 keys.

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