If you are familiar with slim wallet designs, you no doubt are aware that plate wallets generally have very simple designs. At the very core, they are nothing more than just 2 credit card sized plates held together with an elastic band. So simple that you can even build one on your own. And that is the premise behind the Chipwallet.

The Chipwallet comes in a flat packaging that is reminiscent of a model kit. You know the type that has various parts mounted on a flat frame and you had to punch out the individual parts to build your model? Well, if you sucked at building models like we were, don’t worry. The Chipwallet only has 5 parts and it will probably take you less than a minute to assemble it.

You have of course the two plates that are used to sandwich your cards plus the elastic band that holds the wallet together. The plates are made from recycled chipboard material and interestingly, you can customize your Chipwallet by putting your own personal designs on it. If you are not the creative type, don’t worry as the Chipwallet looks perfectly stunning unadorned as well.

If you have been keeping count, you’ll notice that we have only covered 3 of the 5 pieces in the kit. The 2 remaining parts are optional plates that increases the versatility of the Chipwallet. The first plate has 2 cutouts in the shape of keys. As you might have guessed, you can securely store a couple of keys in the wallet using this plate. Although keys are among the first things that most minimalist wallet users banish from their wallets, it is nice to know that if you really carry a couple of them, you can do so with the Chipwallet.

The second optional plate has a rectangular cutout in the center. This is more like a multi-purpose storage card. You can use it to store cash, coins, a small USB flash drive or even a key.

If you are interested in the Chipwwallet, you can pledge your support or find out more information about the wallet at their Kickstarter campaign page.

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Chipwallet is the revolutionary slim wallet made from all natural chipboard with a modular system to fit your lifestyle. Pop it. Assemble it. Carry it.

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