If you are looking for a minimalist metal plate wallet minus all the frills that costs under $15, the Cardstack Slim Minimalist Wallet is it. The Cardstack Slim Minimalist Wallet is about as simple as you can get for a plate wallet consisting of two pieces of 1mm thick aluminum plates bound together with a silicone elastic band.

While the design of the Cardstack Slim Minimalist Wallet is pared down to the bare minimum, it does have a few touches that make it an attractive buy. Firstly, the brushed metal finishing on the aluminum plates gives the wallet a bit of a high tech look especially with the silicone band and the simple 3 stripe logo imprinted on it. The plate itself has a simple Cardstack logo on it as well.

Secondly, unlike the usual notch at the center of the plate that most plate wallets use, the Cardstack Slim Minimalist Wallet instead has a cut out at one of the corners. Different design but it functions just the same plus it gives the wallet a slightly different look.

Like all metal plate wallets, the Cardstack Slim Minimalist Wallet comes with built-in RFID blocking. If you have a card or two, like your metro pass for example, that you don’t want RFID blocking, just strap them to the outside of the metal plates. You can use the exterior space to organize your wallet into 3 different compartments.

Last but not least, like most plate wallet designs, the Cardstack Slim Minimalist Wallet can store a lot of cards. You can easily stuff up to 10 cards with room to spare with the real limit being the elasticity of the silicone band. itself. Cash can be stored folded between the cards or strapped to the outside for easier access.

The Cardstack makes a great wallet for those who are new to minimalist wallets or those who want to find out if a plate wallet is right for them.

Where to Buy Cardstack Slim Minimalist Wallet

Cardstack Slim Minimalist Wallet

When designing Cardstack, the goal was to re-think the wallet and create a product that would allow to effectively carry just the few cards you need everyday without giving up on style or flexibility.

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