Are you are tired of wearing out your wallet and having to frequently replace it? Have you ever wished for a wallet that lasts longer? There are many minimalist wallets out there that are made from metal and last much longer than the usual leather wallets but the AURORA Wallet is the only wallet that we know of that comes with a lifetime warranty. With the AURORA Wallet, there will be no more worn out leather, ripped liners, undone stitches, snapped elastic bands or complicated mechanisms that break down.

Pat, the designer of the AURORA Wallet decided to come up with a wallet that lasts forever after having gone through countless worn out leather wallets and after failing to find a metal wallet that fits his needs exactly. The AURORA Wallet is designed to be a minimalist slim wallet that is simple and functional that is also secure.

The wallet frame is machined out from an 6061­T6 aluminum or 6Al­4V grade 5 titanium solid metal block. The aluminum frame is given a hard coat anodized finishing for additional protection while the more hardy titanium frame has a blasted finishing.

There is also a separate steel plate that provides RFID protection. The RFID plate gives you the option of securing sensitive cards like your credit cards from identity theft and at the same time allow you to use a contactless door pass or metro pass without removing the card from your wallet. Just put your critical cards behind the RFID plate and leave the rest in front of it.

The only other component of the wallet is a stainless steel spring clip that acts as a money clip for storing paper cash, receipts and notes.

The AURORA Wallet is designed to securely hold up to 6 cards but it will hold just a single card just as securely in its frame. A slot at the back of the wallet allows you to easily push out the cards from the wallet thus letting you select the card that you want.

The AURORA Wallet lacks the flair and frills of some of the wallets out there but if you are looking for a wallet that is built to last that puts form and function above everything else, the AURORA Wallet is most likely what you have been looking for.  The wallet is currently still in its final stages of development and Pat will be launching a Kickstarter campaign soon.


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If you are looking for a wallet that is built to last that puts form and function above everything else, the AURORA Wallet with lifetime warranty may be what you have been looking for.

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